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I went to Vons at 6pm on Friday 27, 2019. I bought a chicken at the deli then wanted to get bread and got in the line to buy the bread. And the cashier was trying to get me to pay again for the chicken. I told her I already did and she made a big seen. The deli didn't give me a receipt and the cashier was making a big deal over nothing. I order to give my money back and they was fighting that as well. I didn't like how I was treated and you need to talk to your workerd.


  • Um is not an answer! Dec 27, 2019

    Why didn't the chicken people put a PAID sticker on the chicken?

    What possessed you to buy the chicken at the deli counter. All my life I have only seen that once-- the Grand Central Market, in Grand Central station in Manhattan NY. No other deli counters in any of the supermarkets I've been in even have cashier facilities!

    The deli didn't give you a receipt, that's your fault for allowing that to happen. What dipwad leaves a place after apparently paying for something without proof you paid???

    She didn't make a sCeNe nor did she make a big deal out of nothing, she prevented theft according to her and the store! The deli bastards probably pocketed the money.

    You were played and rightfully so.

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  • SubSquirrel Dec 28, 2019

    I’m not familiar with that store but if you didn’t get a receipt that’s your fault.

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