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Last year I began researching for a Doberman puppy. Long story short...this puppy was to fill a void from the loss of two senior German Shepherds we lost last year. Anyway...after doing our homework, we contacted this breeder, who stated that her stock were von Willebrands free. We discussed a male, but none were available. We kept in touch through e-mails, letting her know we were interested in a super size, as she described them. The price was to be $2950. So we waited and one day saw a black and red female who caught our eyes. After contacting this breeder, we discussed again what we were looking for. This time telliher that sex wasn't an issue. We just wanted a family member. Tess was 3 1/2 months old. She was beautiful, and by the way, still is. We agreed on the extra $500 for her to be housebroken and obedience training started and $495 more for her driver. Arrangements were made, monetary and getting her here. Let me say this...I love the fact that she was driven here, door to door and not flown. I admire that. Anxiously, we waited for her arrival. The little girl who came.to us was terrified. We babied her from the first second she arrived. We were under contract to have her started in an obedience class within 2 weeks. We did. At the same.place I trained my German Shepherd to earn 3 titles and become a therapy dog. Tess was an emotional wreck around the other dogs in the class. A total wreck. So, after 4 classes, we contacted the breeder. Excuse me while I go back a little bit. When Tess arrived, she had diarrhea. Ok, I'm a veterinary technician, so maybe it was the trip, the change in water, nerves, etc. After a week with it only getting worse, we ran bloodwork and a fecal analysis. Another long story short...
Tess has to have a special diet for her stomach. Our dilemma was that her breeder requires us to give her a certain supplement and food to keep our contract. I contact her again and she tells me to just leave it alone and she will straighten out. I'm sorry. You are a breeder, not a veterinarian. So we go with vet recommended food. Still giving supplements, as they don't seem to bother her and they have some fantastic ingredients. Now, back to training issues. She tells me to find a new trainer. So we do just that. In the meantime, Tess' papers arrive. What? This isn't even her breeder I'm speaking with. What the heck? I start doing some research and find out that she had used her dog for stud at a multi breed facility and Tess was her stud fee. Ok. I'm a little upset. I'd like an explanation. On the original breeder's website, this litter is sold at $950. That's fine. Let me tell you this...we love this girl with all of our hearts and souls. She lives inside with us. She goes to work with me every day. She is the center of our little world. The last remark I got from this woman was that we didn't have a problem with her until we found out that she wasn't from her kennel. My problem is this. Tess' dam is a von Willebrands carrier. My problem is that our puppy has very large scars on her legs where her dewclaws and a large chunk were removed. My problem is that her tail has scarring from being done at home and not by a licensed veterinarian. My problem is, in whole, you misrepresented your puppy and are not an honest breeder or person. I've not heard from this lady since. Be assured though, that Tess is in the beat home she could have ever hoped or dreamed of. Please avoid von Amaris Kennels unless you check papers first and do not want any after purchase support.


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    Bull Trout 99 Jul 07, 2020
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    Yes, vom amaris is, in my belief, a disreputable breeder. We have had 2 of their dogs. The first one died from leukemia at 26 months old. The second one suffered from emotional/behavioral problems. We tried expensive training. Tried expensive medication. Nothing worked, she was a complete wreck. So much so we had to give her away. That is something I just don't do. Don't buy from her. Also, Her food is a scam. Your buying from it from her store. And Dobermans shouldn't be that big on the first place, lots of issues breeding to that size.

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