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Bought a Sony GN999DS worth Rs30000 and was sent a display piece from the showroom at Vivek's, Indiranagar, Bangalore. Initially the staff were not willing to acknowledge the fact that they had cheated. They kept on saying that the piece was new but the way they got caught was that all the pieces (speakers/woofer/system) had different serial numbers. Plus the box had 2 warranty cards for other systems. The Manager, Haneef, has apologized for the mistake and has said that he will send a brand new piece in a week's time. But the point is why did they try to cheat a customer who paid them in full and expected to be serviced honestly. They have no reply to this. The phone keeps ringing at the showroom and no one picks up but if you delay picking up the phone when they call, they will make sure you cringe at the attitude displayed.

It is high time Sony did a sanity check on the kind of customer service being provided and help customers trust them a little more.

My recommendation to anyone buying any electronics from VIVEK's is that DO NOT BUY! Go to the company showroom and don't worry about the no discount policy. The 1000 rs extra will go a long way in mental satisfaction.


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    Kannan Oct 17, 2007

    Mishra, I agree with comments.

    I purchased a Microwave oven on fine Sunday with bundle offer at Viveks, Indira Nagar, Bangalore. One of the offer is Tata indicom connection. When I try call tel no:, I just keep ringing. I called up Viveks & they gave 1 mobile, which also wrong no. Viveks place ad very well on every Sunday. Every where loop hole & false commitment. Don't any items buy from Viveks.

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    Latha Feb 28, 2008

    I bought a new Philips TV on 20th October 2007 From Viveks Litd. Indranagar, Bangalore.
    Early this month problems started with it . Iam not able to view the picture, I can only hear the sound. When i called up the Dealres (Viveks), they showed lack of intrest in the problem and said it would take some two days to send someone to repair. So i registered a complaint with Philips service center.
    The guy from the service center came and fixed it the next day, telling it is some soldering problem.
    After just one day agin the TV is back to the same condition. No picture. This time when i called up the dealers(Viveks) they (the branch manager) was very rude to me, telling they cant replace the set at any cost, and asking me to lower my voice and speak to him.
    When I saw it was futile dealing with those people, i again called up Philips service center, they say they can send some one for repair but cant replace the set.
    Now I have approached the consumer forum and iam planning to take legal action against both philips and Viveks

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