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I thought I had a very good 4k hd tv which was supplied and delivered to me by best buy, by the way, and take my word for it, "best buy" does not stand by their products whether it be high end big screen tvs nor will they discount the price of a new one to replace this defective vizio tv... This was a fairly high end tv in 2016 (vizio 70"4k m70 c-3) and after just 3 years the screen is deteriorating...3 days ago I turned on the vizio as I normally do and I noticed dark shadows, plural, approx. 1 foot square area just to the right of the center of the 70" screen... As well as a "2nd" dark spot with a rectangular shape but to the left of center of screen but a few inches from the bottom of viewing screen. I immediately became dismayed and had to wait to the following day to call vizio for technical support... I spoke with a 'karlo' who would not give any other I d info... And basically stated that I may as well buy a new visio tv... Due to the fact that the "backlight" 'led lights' built into the screen, that several racks of the led lights were burnt out and that it would be at least $3000 to fix... Which was collaberated by myself calling a local but prominant electronics company in the houston, tx. Area,... The vizio tech basically stated that this can happen at any time and nothing could really be done to fix it versus buying a brand new one... I admonished him on the fact that I was a struggling senior on ssi with heart trouble... And this tv was the most expensive tv i've ever been able to afford... It's only 3 years old... I questioned him about how long the led backlights should last on a fairly high end 4k tv but he claims they could go out at any time... Also asked several questions about what devices were plugged into it such as a ps4 pro... Roku, etc.. But karlo with vizio stated that video games, streaming devices or other devices should not cause premature burnout of these backlights... I will never again waste my money on a vizio tv or any of their other devices nor should you! I am considering filing a lawsuit against their u.S. Home office... If you are a consumer whether wealthy or generally poor like me, you would expect this"smart" tv to last longer than 3 years!!!

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    neither Vizio nor anyone else will offer any suggestions on any options to resolve this expensive and defective Vizio 4K big screen I am in the process of filling better business practices complaints with the Atty General of Tx., the F.T.C., BBB of Los Angeles/Irvine Ca. etc...don't buy a Vizio Smart Tv if the led backlight system is going to burn out at any tv has gone from having a great picture quality to a substandard tv picture quality with these huge dark spots...( only 3 years old and never abused...I live alone for the past 20 years with adequate ventilation)

May 15, 2019
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      16th of May, 2019

    Having some background in this area, I'd agree with the assessment that the television's lighting seems to be failing. In order to keep the cost of their products aggressive, most manufacturers only provide a one year-limited warranty with the merchandise; Vizio is no different in this regard. However, when making the purchase, you should have been offered additional warranty coverage at, of course, an additional price. Is this something you possibly elected to purchase? If so, it should be a convenient way of getting the television replaced at no further cost to you.

    Vizio is one of a number of lower cost television brands now appearing on the market. This lower price comes at a cost, however, in that these lower priced televisions use less expensive parts to produce their product. There are times when paying a little more for a higher quality brand is worth it. I'd also purchase based upon a retailer's offering of extended warranty coverage (both quality and cost); it would be nice if the manufacturer's just produced the television with this additional coverage, but they don't as many consumers tend to gloss over this issue.

    Assuming you'll be replacing the unit, you'll find there are not many 70 inch televisions even produced. The model I'd consider is produced by LG. It's a 70 inch 70xx model (where the xx is the variant number based upon the form of retailer you're purchasing from). The price of this unit goes for somewhere in the $109x.xx range.

    Not that it is the cause of the problem, but I'd further recommend connecting the television using a reasonable quality line conditioner; don't confuse this with a surge strip. An active conditioner can solve many power related problems and add life to everyday electronics.

    On a side note, I'd rethink your complaint letters to the BBB and attorney general, as it doesn't sound as if either the retailer or manufacturer has done anything wrong. In this case, you just purchased a product that didn't last as long as you had hoped. Although it may make you feel better, sending off such letters will just clutter a desk somewhere but likely have no further effect.

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