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Cash Business Opportunity is a totally DISHONEST company and their director MARCO PERINHO is a CON MAN. He takes your money and runs. Excellent SALES service, perfect support messaging in place, which totally dies off once money is sent to him. Unlike his claim, the card is rejected by PAYPAL and EBAY. My card worked once for purchasing, then payments were declined; there is still in excess of 400$ balance available on my card, money that I have now lost. Inexistent after sale service, no replies whatsoever to daily emails.

No support available from the phone helpline, daily calls are never answered, answering machine always on. Card CBO Team does not exist. The telephone number was answered yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks, not by a professional member of a support helpline team, but by Marco PERINHO’s wife, who’s help was to say she would “tell her husband” to look into it! If you have spare cash you would like to get rid off in a flash and get nothing in return, Marco PERINHO is your man!


  • Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

    It is I, Ken Watanabe, once again to update you as to the latest news between and myself. In earlier postings, I accused Mr. Marco Perinho of stealing the money I sent to him for a virtual Visa. Eventually, he did send me the virtual VisaÒ. My problem now is the fact that it did not work as I tried to use the card a dozen or so times between several websites. My purpose for the card is my private business, but I assure all that in no way was any attempted purchase for any unethical or illegal products/services. If anyone out there can post a website and a phone number that can be used to check the validity of these virtual cards, please do so as everyone can benefit from such information. The email exchanges below have been stripped of their dates and times – but they are in order of posting.

    Dear Mr. Perinho,
    > I am still unable to use the virtual Visa card I was issued. The card
    > should have $100.00. I have tried multiple sites with no success on any of
    > them. I have not attempted to buy anything remotely close to the $100.00
    > limit. Please, could you check the card and make sure that it is not
    > locked(?). Thank you for any help in this matter.
    > Respectfully yours,
    > Ken Watanabe

    Dear Ken,

    My name is Ana and I will be happy to assist you.

    We found the problem with your card and have already fixed It.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance.

    The WorldCardPro Team
    Prepaid Virtual Credit Cards
    Fast Delivery, Secure and Affordable

    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Available: 09:00-18:00 (New York Time)

    Dear Mr. Perinho,

    I am demanding my money back in the form of another card as now I have realized that I truly have been SCAMMED! All the signs were there when you did not deliver my card on a timely basis. As a matter of fact, you took over 3 weeks to deliver my card! When it was delivered, it was not in the name of the person I requested. EVERY site where I have tried to use the card, the card has been refused. This card simply does not exist. I thought we had a communications problem, but now I see that I was just a victim of a scammer. I am upset that you stole from me...but it is nothing I can not make up in a few hours. I am aware that you have read my post about your service and I am pretty sure that those "resellers" are just you, Marco Perinho. Here, I thought if you did the honorable thing, I would give you rave reviews - because obviously it was a communications mix-up(?) I guess it was a communications mix-up. I did not hear you whispering oh so lightly "got another you sucker!" Enjoy my money, sir. I won't soon be forgetting you. And rest assured you will not forget me. Until you do right by me, you will most assuredly suffer.


    Kenjiro "Ken" Watanabe


    Dear Ken,

    My name is Ana and I will be happy to assist you.

    We've received Information that Terms & Conditions were violated by you.
    Therefore your card is no longer valid.

    You may receive a refund within 30 to 60 days. Thank you.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance.

    The WorldCardPro Team
    Prepaid Virtual Credit Cards
    Fast Delivery, Secure and Affordable

    Dear Mr. Perinho,

    What terms and conditions were violated exactly? Please, send me full details on which term(s) or condition(s) were violated? There was no violation of the card's use as the card never existed for me to use in the first place. I demand a refund immediately in the form of a usable card. Like I said before you can wait 30 to 60 days to issue a refund...but I will not - until YOU have done right by ME! Stop playing these delay tactic games. If you were truly a legitimate businessman, you would just issue me another card that I could use - as no site accepted the first card from the very start. You have 3 days to issue me a usable card. After that time, you might as well keep the money - which was your initial plan. I do not plan to keep this communicates going as I have just accused you of theft and your only reaction after stating you fixed what was wrong with the card is to say that it was I that broke the Terms Of Use policy and a refund will be issued in 60 days! If that does not stink of scam...! Sir, I bid you farewell. Good luck on the scamming trade. Just a word of advice before I depart: this could have been fixed simply by doing the honorable and honest thing. Was $100.00 worth the troubles?


    Your new best friend
    (This last email was title “Thanks For The Memories” was sent 01/18/10

    These are the latest emails between Marco Perinho and myself. The characters in these posts claiming to have worked with Marco Perinho as resellers and so forth are in fact Mr. Perinho...himself. Marco Perinho, as you may have noticed in the email, even created fake characters like the person named Ana (and maxcipa & silas & basas). I always communicated with Marco...then here pops up Ana. One of Marco's so-called associates stated that one person had been scammed by "everyone" and used all of them (selling virtual cards). It was not until they used did they finally get their card (?) Does anyone out there believe that story? If so, I have a bridge in Vegas to sell you (LOL). WARNING: Do not use any virtual card services based in PORTUGAL. Marco Perinho will simply just change the name of his business. It is very hard to change countries. AVOID PORTUGAL! I have documented evidence of everything I state. If Marco Perinho is innocent of all charges, state your case on this platform. Final note to the readers: If you business has been accused of theft by one of its patrons, how would you defend your business? How would you make right with the customer? Would you make right with the customer or just string him/her along? Is [stealing] $100.00 worth the trouble? And most importantly, will Ken Watanabe ever see his beloved $100.00 “working” virtual Visa? ...I THINK NOT.

    I have been scammed by,

    Ken Watanabe
    -Marco Perinho’s new best friend


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  • Si
    silas Jan 05, 2010

    Ok, i talked with him. He's not happy ofcourse but gave me a free card preloaded with $3 and i will post it here and guess what? From now on extra work and higher comissions for me ;-).

    Now, i'm inserting the card details here on 5 of January 2010. 22:19 GMT.

    The first person to grab the card will work for SURE. Ofcourse it wont work for everybody else because it has been used already. You can use this card with any name and address of your choice.

    What i ask is, to the first person who use the card to come back here and post your comments. Tell us where you used (you can use for a donation), how did it work for you? You can also go to the website and request statement. Do not act like the people we have seen or the same will happen again and again such as the first person who use this card will be successufully and do not come back here, what for? And all the others will come back and tell the world the cards do not work, it is a bad service etc, etc... Why? Because their mad, they thinking i was scammed and they act like one. And we only hear it from one side and judge people just like that.

    Onother thing is, you have mentioned Zenaida Perinho? Oh come on, what are you doing? She's not there. Shes not even portuguese, shes married to one of the perinhos, but shes on her country right now and she doesn't know what's going on there. Thats not nice to give bad name to people like that. Grow up.

    Ok, so what happens from now on it's up with YOU. Yeah YOU who used the card FIRST.

    Only the first person to use it first will be successfull ofcourse, so come back and tell us about it or hide yourself and let some people call them scammers.

    Important, do not use more than $3 or card will be locked automatically and will not work again without a request.

    Now think good with your BRAIN do the right thing and be honest. Yes YOU who used the card.

    I know there are many scammers out there and i warn you to be carefull.

    But i'm talking about WORLDCARDPRO.COM here. Let's not forget it.

    Remember now is: 5 of January 2010. 22:19 GMT.
    GMT so everybody knows what time we're talking about.

    Heres the details:
    card# [protected]
    CVV# 061
    expire Date: 02/2010
    amount: $3

    Hey, i did not used it myself.

    Have a nice day.

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  • Si
    silas Jan 05, 2010

    Onother one who can't wait.

    Are you sure you order a card lately? From worldcardpro? Sorry but i think you're a liar. I know they're up and running very well now.
    You know the problem of people is when they receive their request fast and everythings working they don't come here and tell the world. But if someone ask them the same and it takes a "few minutes more" than it should, you'll hear about them all over the internet. This is wrong. Be patience my friend.
    You know i'm a reseller now and don't have problems at all. Sure sometimes I receive cards on the same day, and sometimes it takes a few days, but i trust them. They never have failed me.
    Just the other day I sent a card where someone used it for paypal verification and let me tell you he did look a happy man when he replied. He said that he tried all virtual cards and all scammed him. Worldcardpro was the first that delivered and fast.
    All i can say for you now is ouch, i know they keep a record of bad faith "customers" and if they know you're here with this feedback i will not be surprised that you'll never receive that card now or any other cards. Because you might just have stole them some great money as well. A lot more then $100.
    Sure there are scammers all over and you have to be carefull but worldcardpro is not one of them.

    I triple dare anyone to order a card from them wait for their response and come here honestly with comments. It's not only Marco Perinho who receive payments for the company.

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  • My name is Kenjiro "Ken" Watanabe. I paid Mr. Perinho $129.00 for an $100.00 card. I paid him on 12/14/09. He picked up the money on 12/16/09. Today is 12/27/09 and I still have not recived my card details. He, Marco Perinho, did however send me a holiday email, but he has yet to respond to any of my requests that he send the card details. It looks as though I have been scammed since I did pay via Western Union. I would recommend that no one use any virtual card services coming from Marco Perinho or Zenaida Perinho - you will lose your money. Just to be safe, do not use any virtual card service that originates out of Portugal as it would more than likely be this couple's business. [If] I do get my 'working" card details, I will print a retraction, an apology, and a recommendation. Perhaps this is just a communications mix-up. WARNING: Until then, assume that I am currently out $151.00($100.00 card + $29.00 fee + $22.00 Western Union fee to send the money from the USA to Portugal). The person(s) who left a comment saying that only a few people lost their money only did Mr. Perinho a disservice. They claim to be a "friend" and they say only a few people have been scammed. And to top it off, they also claim Mr. Perinho lost money. Who the heck cares? That's like saying Mr. Madoff lost some of his own money in that multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme! What's particularly strange and misleading about is that they have a legitimate and current secured site certificate (https://). This is how they convinced me they were "safe'. Pure genious on their part! Also, stay away from Fake info is riddled throughout their site - address in one state, phone number in another state, then emailed me that they are currently in another state...New York...WOW! I will await my already paid for two weeks ago virtual card from the Perinho's. I won't hold my breath. Hey Marco, prove me a liar by delivering what I paid $129.00 for. I TRIPLE DARE YOU.

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  • Si
    silas Dec 15, 2009

    Crazy guy up there. Maybe could not wait a couple days... I always received my cards. It's true that sometimes it toke 5 hours and once I remember was about 5 days. But hey becareful when talking to people like that.

    I think you full of crap or maybe from competition.

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  • Ba
    basas Nov 11, 2009

    I know Marco Perinho, I worked with him before, and I never had a problem with him.

    I know some time ago he had a health problem and have been away for quite some time. Because of that he had problems with the credit cards issuing Bank and had no choice but to close his business.

    He did lost a lot of money.

    I did not have any problems, but if you purchased a credit card by that time you may have lost money also.

    I've heard he already refund many people. You may have to contact him or just wait your turn. I'm sure from what I know he will do all to make it up to you.
    It is not more then half dozen of people anyway.

    I assure you he is a very nice person. He just had bad luck on the past.
    He would never keep your money. If he did'nt had the problem that caught him by surprise and made him leave.

    I hope he's back soon and I'm sure he will prove all of this to you. At least I'm very sure he will try.

    I wish you health Marco, and miss you. Come back soon.

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