Victra / Diamond Wirelesscustomer service

Na Oct 03, 2019

Buyer Beware!! I went in on 9/15/19 to upgrade my phone & switch my old phone over to my nephew. We were in the Cortland store for over 2 hours before leaving at 4:30 PM. I loved my current phone and thought that the newer phone would be an improvement. Well, I found that the newer phone didn't have some of the key features that I use every day. I knew that I had 14 days to return the phone & decided to take it back. I took it back on 9/29/19 and was told that I was one day too late. Excuse me? I was told that the day I bought it was day one. Wow, I leave the store at 4:30 PM and that is considered a day? I learned that a day equals 24 hours. I asked what the next level I could go to and he said I could talk to the manager if I wanted to and he would be in the next day. After calling, I found out that the manger wasn't even in on Monday. I decided to call Victra's headquarters. They tell me that I will need to wait until Tuesday to talk to the store manager. So my nephew and I call back Victra customer service on Tuesday and we are told that we need to deal with the store & they could connect me. So, they connect us to the Cortland Victra Store. The manager states that he needs to check with his branch manager as he can't override the return in the system but the branch manager could. He calls the branch manager and gets back on the phone and said that as it is 15 days, he won't provide us with an override code to return the phone. Lesson learned. Until, I go to investigate why my Verizon bill is so high. I called Verizon and find out that they charged two activation fees at $40.00 each. The Verizon rep asked me if I had purchased two different phones to which I replied we didn't I was told by Victra that my monthly amount would be $41.99 a month; it's actually $45.83. The Verizon rep told me to look at my contract and I would see the purchase agreement. I look at my paperwork and there is no Verizon contract stating the payment amount. They tell you to sign three times in this little box there is nothing that states what you are signing. After being in the store for so long I just took them at their word and wanted to get out of there. We were not given the paperwork until the very end and they put it in the bag with the phone box. The bill to address is in the correct name but the actual address is for someone in Fairfax VA. I thought perhaps that is Victra's headquarters. I find out it is a residential address and is not one that the owner of our Verizon account is familiar with. Makes you wonder where they came up with that address as it's not one that is associated with our account. I was charged a $19.99 charge for Set Up and Go Plus that I never agreed to. That is a fee to transfer my old content to my new phone. My nephew is an IT guru who would NEVER let me pay someone for something that he can do. So MANY things were done WRONG! We place another call to Victra on 10/2/19 and ask to speak the same rep that we talked to on Tuesday. We didn't get any of our problems with this mess solved. So, we call back on 10/3/19 and talk to a different person and he wants us to continue with the same rep we dealt with on Tuesday. He tells us to call back on 10/4/19 and we hang up thinking we will call back on Friday. Then it dawns on me that I'm ticked off on Sunday when I take the phone back to return it & told that I'm a day too late. Told to talk to store manager on Monday, only to find out he wasn't working. Tuesday on the phone with Victra Customer Service rep and got nowhere. Wednesday, told to call back to talk to first sales rep only to find out she isn't working. Thursday, called and talked to rep we talked to on Wednesday and he tells us that the first rep is not working and we need to call back on Friday. I call back 15 minutes later and ask to speak to a supervisor. I'm told that you can't just speak to a supervisor as you have to go through a rep first. OKAY, was I not talking to reps on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? What an absolute worthless company!!

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