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CB Dental Services Review of Venice FL Aspen Dental
Venice FL Aspen Dental

Venice FL Aspen Dental review: Complaint

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On july 20,2021 I paid and received full upper and lower dentures from the venice fl aspen dental office. The dentures that I received came with a 7 yr guarantee. Soon after the teeth kept coming out from the upper denture/at which aspen dental repaired. Almost every day I visited the office for the lower denture to be adjusted because of the uncomfortable fit. I believe because of all the grinding and acrylic became weak and thin — as I was eating a bologna sandwich on sun 12/04/22 and as chewed there was a large crack/I spit out the sandwich and my denture and a single tooth came out, on monday am I went to the office to show them. I was told that a repair was too expensive and I would have to buy a whole new denture for 1500. I have tried to contact the corporate office and the regional manager — all goes back to the dentist stating that she has to be paid for her work. The dentist is dowan lee, dds

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