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Veldhuis Interior Design

Veldhuis Interior Design review: Bad quality 2

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Veldhuis interior design of corona del mar, california
Veldhuis interior design, installed a window treatment in our kitchen. The window treatment was not made to the specifications of our design plans (Not even close) we received and signed off. When we questioned the quality of this treatment the owner jeanine veldhuis told us " it is the best she could do". It actually looks like something that was made in a 8th grade wood shop. We asked that veldhuis interiors pick up the treatment due to the poor quality. They did pick it up. However to this day we have not received a refund nor have we received a new treatment built to the design specifications that we signed off on the contract. It has been 7 months now. I have enclosed a copy of the finished window treatment.

Talk about a company with no guarantee, , take it or leave it... So sorry =

Mr. Customer.

Poor poor customer care at veldhuis interior design of corona del mar. =


Update by upthecreek
Dec 06, 2007 12:00 am EST

Veldhuis Interior Design complaint on freight charges.

Interior Decorator

name.. Veldhuis Interior Designs

location 2737 E. Coast Hwy

Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

Velhuis Interior Design of Corona Del Mar ,CA has filed a lien on my house, because I have refused to pay fraudulent shipping charges. That where charged to my account on returns of defective merchandise. The products where fixed by the manufacture and they charged me for the freight both ways back to the manufacture to be repaired and back to me again. I also paid freight for the original shipment of the defective sofas.

they also took 7 months to complete the sofa and chairs we where told they would be done in 3 months.

Ed And Sherri L.

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Nov 04, 2008 8:22 pm EST

I very much disagree with you. Everybody i have talked to loves her work and has nothing bad to say about it. And instead of posting blogs about it why don't you get a life and grow up.

Corona del Mar, US
Mar 17, 2011 3:33 am EDT

I have been in Corona Del Mar for many many years, Veldhuis design is a very reputable respected interior design firm and Jeanine is very experienced and loved by the community. She is responsible for amazing designs and architectures from here to Malibu and throughout, I have personally used her services and I am quite impressed at the talent, expertise and vision she has. If she said that's the best she can do, I beleive her, but I take it a step further and beleive it's the best anyone can do because she is the best, no ifs ends or buts about it. I wouldn't refund you either because she ordered and did what you want and that's what she's paid for, if you didn't like it and it sounds like she couldn't make you happy, it's your problem.