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Value Village / Savers review: Horrible employee, shameless overcharging, not company policy

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Twice I went to the Store in Victoria BC on Store Street, and 2 out of 10 pieces of the clothing I picked for me, my wife and my son, did not had a tag so the women working as front manager, from Eastern India, with eyes glasses, priced it triple than all the other tops for leggings and a bag I bought same time, so I skipped it all. Also, One old bag had sticky sticker on it for 5.99 but by the time I got to cash unsticked and the same women from India priced it at 14.99. A old scratched not that pretty bag priced as much as a new one, what a joke, just shameless! Wow.. no wonder stuff are there for months.. with no sells and people are not donating good stuff only overpriced dump!

Just to see.. Other prices are $35 a rolling bag that has broken frame, or busted, and very dirty...$24 old carry on..14.99 backpack they sell for 9.99 new...18.99 or 14.99 a nylon top not even brand name, 25 to 37 or 45 a jacket that sells for less new, walmart brand... Even charges $5 for a tin box, you can't sell at the garage sales, everybody throws in the garbage... Ridiculous.
Company is great, with good charity goals, but the people they hire are so greedy, and ignorants to the second hand market, they will destroy the company...! Hire professional employee or train them properly. Or you will go under... Greediness makes everybody sick... And the reason people shops there is because they can't afford to shop new... And that is why with your employee having no knowledge.. Your company will crash... But I know loyee, greedy and you already see it!
Just shameless people you hire!

Jo Smith

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Aug 01, 2021 3:30 pm EDT

I also agree with 'Jojo Smith' on overpricing and low quality. I typically have shopped clothing only and found that more often than not, I see higher pricing on (unjustified) non-brand items compared to what I can find brand new. You also have to 'go over' each item with a very critical eye (my last 2 dresses had holes ) in areas that I would not normally notice (hemline/ slightly above hemline). Hard to fix areas that don't allow for 'invisibility', rendering them waste...not so much a deal. Note to the company: if you want to employ a healthy turnover of your inventory, revisit your standard for qualifying a price point. Hint: don't price (used) dresses at 25$.

Aug 01, 2021 3:16 pm EDT

I'm with you 'PhillyWilly'; I've had the same experience this past week. No fitting rooms, incorrect information provided on 'exchange only/ no refund' details provided at time of purchase (even when I specifically requested it). I am now in a 'loop' of exchange/ purchase/ exchange...' as I try to find another item >= cost of the last item. Plenty of other thrift organizations around that will now get my focussed support!

Jul 15, 2021 8:17 pm EDT
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Ph PhillyWilly Jul 15, 2021
I visited the Brantford, Ontario Value Village on Tuesday, 13 July 2021. Tuesdays are Seniors' Days when you get 30% off if you are a senior. It had only recently re-opened after the Covid pandemic, and I had not been there for about 18 months. All 8 dressing rooms on the west side were gone. I asked an employee how a person could ensure that clothes fitted. She said you would have to try them on at home and could return them up to 2 weeks later if they didn't fit. A pair of pants didn't fit so I returned them next day. They then told me they don't give refunds and that I could only exchange the pants. So now i'll have to wait a week in order to exchange them and get the senior price benefit. And what happens if I exchange them for another pair of pants? The same problem continues. I don't know why they can't reinstall the change rooms which wold solve the problem.


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