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Received a phone call from a computerized voice indicating that Valley National Bank was calling to inform me that my debit card had been locked. To speak to their security department please press "1". Upon pressing "1" I was asked to enter my card number. The interesting thing is that not now, nor have I ever, had an account with them. I hung up.

Upon calling the bank they informed me that they were aware of the calls and it is a phishing scam.


  • Li
    LimeyDi Sep 30, 2010

    I too have received 2 calls to my cell phone exactly as you describe, and i too never had any such card or account, but I am sure there are some people who do or did, i hope the bank is warning customers about this.

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  • Di
    Diane17 Jun 30, 2012

    I was banking at the State Bank of Long Island when suddenly they were taken over by Valley National Bank. I have never dealt with more incompetence in my life. From the moment the account transfers began, they sent literally 30 to 40 papers changing the accounts and then consistently screwed up the account titles, despite repeatedly correcting them. No one has any idea whats going on. The branch blames the back office and the back office blames branch. They lose paperwork and its just a nightmare to deal with them. Today was the final straw. I went on line to access my 8 accounts and only 2 were listed! They magically unlinked 6 of my accounts and have no idea how or why this happened.

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