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USN - Ultimate Shopping Network review: It appears they are bailing out!

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I purchased a 2 carat diamond solitaire ring for $4,999.00. They charged my credit card but never delivered. When I finally got through to them on the phone all I could get is the run around by an off shore answering service that it would be delivered in 3-5 business days.

It's been 2 weeks. I called their corporate office and someone there said they didn't have any more and had already refunded the total to my card. that's been a week now and still no refund to the card. Visa said don't worry they would reverse the charge. Their website is gone and their channel on direct tv is now being used by their partner "celebrity shopping network". USN's address is 425 e. Colorado suite 700, Glendale ca.91205 phone [protected]

It appears they are bailing out.

Update by Valerie
Feb 15, 2007 9:43 am EST

I also was ripped off by this company for over two thousand dollars, I contacted my credit card company after 2 months of being promised a refund.

My credit card co. is working on it now because I filed a dispute, I also contacted the FTC, the Pa. and California Attorney General. Noone seems to be doing anything for me except my credit card people. The FTC thanked me for contacting them and will put my complaint in their files. I hope you people who were also deceived and cheated will do the same. USN is no longer on the air, the last I heard when I placed my order on 10/04/06 was that they were moving down the street and they were having a all stock must be sold sale. I assumed my order was stock mdse. as advertised, then I was told by phone they didn't have the mdse. and I will be credited, I'm still waiting but know now I never will be. I pray my credit card co. will be able to get my money back.

Update by Valerie
Feb 14, 2007 6:40 am EST

On 10/04/06 I ordered by phone from this jewelry television network two rings at the total cost of $2698.00. I waited the two to four weeks I was told for delivery. After 4 weeks I started calling and was told 10 more days. It is now Feb.12,2007 and no rings and no credit on my chg. card. They keep telling me I was credited on 11/17/06 but my credit card people know nothing of this, I am still being billed.

Update by Valerie
Jan 30, 2007 4:26 am EST

I have been reading some of the reviews for USN and I'm sorry to know that other people have been cheated just as I have. But I am grateful to know that I'm not alone.

I ordered a ring from this company on 8/23/06 at a cost of $1900.00 plus shipping. I returned the ring on 9/4/06 and they received it on 9/7/06. I have my confirmation slip from the post office. I waited a resonable amount of time before I called USN to inquire about my refund and I was given the same stories as everyone else. I have spoken to 8 different people and they all tell me it will be refunded in 5 days/ 7 days/15 days and so on. If the ring had been anything like I saw on the television I would have been very happy with it but it was nothing like what I saw and thought I was ordering. I called a number I found that was at another of their offices and I was told by this man that I should file a dispute with my credit card company, well of course the 60 days are long gone. I told him that it was not my credit cards company's fault that my account had not been credited but his company, he still kept on insisting that I file a dispute. I sent the Mayor of Los Angeles an e-mail with nothing but a form e-mail in return, so he is not interested in what goes on his city as far as this type of thing. I e-mailed USN and it was returned to me as not able to deliver. I tried to call today and everyone's mailbox is full. I had a reason for ordering this ring which was in memory of my husbands and my life and marriage and children. I wanted somthing to wear and have close to me in his memory since I had lost him so unexpectedly. I hope the people that are involved with this company get what is coming to them some day. They do not care about the harm and hurt and burden they put on people having to pay for an item that we do not have, not to mention the interest that is tacked on each month.

I am not in a position to hire a lawyer and fight this sort of thing and I guess they know the average person cannot so they just continue to do this to people. I hope that someone will be able to do something soon. I am a widow and live on a fixed income and this was a large investment for me and I was willing to sacrifice other things to pay for it. I don't have the ring but I do get that bill every month.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 22, 2008 6:01 am EDT

I was just contacted by a gal yesterday claiming she was looking at employment with USN and she wanted to know if she could ask me a few questions about this company. Stating she didn't want to work for an unethical company. She stated that she saw my complaint on sent her an email asking her how do I get ahold of the fraudulant company and to feel free to ask my any question she needs to, I will answer honestly about what I know for sure about USN.. I tried to look up usn on the net this am and I am not seeing anything about USN after 2006...think I have been scammed again. For what I don't know... beware of new emails concerning USN...

Nov 19, 2007 9:33 am EST

I also order a ring from this channel and never received it. It was 600 dollars. When I called them and asked them about it they said that they were about to refund my money and they never did. I believed them so I brought another from somewhere else. So it's like I payed for two rings but only have one. This was 300 days ago.

Sep 13, 2007 12:59 pm EDT

I to am a victim of USN, ON 8-15-06 I purchased 3 diamond tennis bracelets an a diamond ring from these uselesss bums, theives, they got me for 4,856.00 and i recieved my goods only to find out they were worthless, so i sent them back but like everybody esle i have never seen one red cent in return, i wAs promised daily they were gonna refund my money, never have to this day 9-13-07. I contacted everyone even GOV Swartzinegger, the ftc, bbc, by the time i did all this my 60 days were up on my cc card so they at visa suck to as far as i'm concerned, I'm a quadriplegic that refinanced his home to by something nice for my kids for Christmas, and come to fnd out I'm BUYING A MANSION FOR SOME ### THEIF, I hope they rot in hell, God will get their sorry assezs, I' m so sorry that the got so many of us nd heir still walking around, DONT SAY MUCH FOR OUR GOVERNMENT AND OUR POLICE SYSTEM THAT WE PAY FOR DOES IT

Jun 21, 2007 10:34 am EDT

I am also a victim of the USN SCAM and I would like to inform all the other USN victims that "what goes around come around". I lost almost 650.00 of funds from USN and each time I tried to contact them I received a lame excuse from their operators. I also tried contacting the Better Business Bureau, but that was another dead end. I was able to get one of my refunds back in July of 2006. I don't think anyone harassed them as much as I did, but I later paid for it when I ordered something else.

May 22, 2007 9:15 pm EDT

Steve Cardone, a former host on another network, has agreed to talk to authorities about what he has heard and where these people may be. He heard they were pulling the same scam on a network in the UK and apparently it came from a very reliable source. I have supplied his name and contact number to the authorities and hopefully they will be in contact with him shortly. Maybe they will be able to catch these crooks and we can all get our money back!

Thanks to all for sharing anything you can find out about these crooks.

May 12, 2007 12:36 pm EDT

The email address for the customer service rep was [email protected]

(Registrant’s telephone number, including area code)
5215 North O’Connor, Suite 200
Irving, Texas 76039

Tax ID [protected]

But another SEC filing listed their phone number as
[protected], which I believe is their bankrupt number in Los Angeles.

May 12, 2007 12:28 pm EDT

I too ordered a necklace. It was $1900. They charged the credit card. I then called two weeks later to check on the delivery date. They said that they ran out of the necklace and that my refund would come to the credit card. I also have that "cancellation" in writing!

No credit ever showed up. I tried calling and emailing them. They took their website offline and they took their phone number off the hook.

A search on their publically traded stock symbol shows that they are in bankruptcy (sp?), and that they are changing members of their board of directors.

I sent all this information to my credit card company, as well as started the process of disputing the charge. Two months later, I won the dispute.

I guess next time I'll look on the internet about a company before I see something on TV that looks too good to be true!

My heart really goes out to those that are out the extra money they put toward buying something from this company. Hopefully these comments can stop someone else from being taken by them, or at least take comfort in the fact that they are not alone.

Apr 06, 2007 1:00 pm EDT

If anyone can forward any pertinent contact information, please email it to me.

We are trying to recover 1800 on an item returned last year.

Thank you

Mar 07, 2007 3:49 pm EST

I feel the pain with all of you. We worked there for over 2 years and they gave us the run around, just like all of you. We tried to help you as much as we can. But there was so much we can do. But since we left. We have not receive our checks either. But rumor has it that the CEO of the company goes to Downtown LA to sell the remaining jewelry. Just so they can pay us. Also that the Owners of USN left to another country. So we're thinking that we will never be paid for the last month we worked there. We're very unhappy with USN.

Mar 06, 2007 2:44 pm EST

Like many others, I have also been scammed by this world wide known company. My husband purchased a ring for my Christmas present. It was suppose to be very special. Christmas morning, we still had not received the ring as promise by USN. When we contacted them, we got the run around about some billing process even though they received payment & it was deducted from our banking account long before that. Since then, we have been battling them to get a refund. At one point, we were getting through to them, but kept being put on hold. Now, there is no PHONE- WEBSITE- TV CHANNEL- NO CONTACT AT ALL! This can't be right! Someone has to help all of us! There must be some plan of reimbursement for situations like this... THIS IS FRAUD!

Jan 24, 2007 4:10 am EST

I have had the same problem since July 2006, many months of emailing and calls and no money or goods. I suggest you put a stop on your Credit Card straight away as I left it to late. I have posted my complaint on this site. If anyone can suggest how you get your money back please let me know.