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CB Fast Food Chains Wendy’s 101 Sesame Dr, Morgantown, WV, 26501, US
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101 Sesame Dr, Morgantown, WV, 26501, US
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Wendy’s - Denied employment

* denied employment based on lies and even the manger made something up and was allowing a minor to disrespect older adults and then allows the minor to do what ever he wanted and then disrespects and then goes on making snide remarks. This happen in morgantown wv and that the minor was given me dirty looks and then the middle finger but the manger on site allowed it and then manger began death threats and saying she would blow up p3 services with bombs and that the other employees were going to help her obtain such corruption that caused FBI to arrest the mand shut down all wendys nationwide.

Claimed loss: 980.00

Desired outcome: First off they need to remove , Nick Bigley off a none hire list because he can use it to sue based on the company was doing physical body harm is why they did what they did to him.

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Update by Unknown34566
Jan 30, 2024 9:37 pm EST

I am aware how they were treating him and refused to give him a break and that there gonna allow a underage to disrespect a adult while on the clock . Well guess what that employee needs to be the one terminated not nick . There was no purpose what's so ever and that there was times i would go visit nick but didn't tell them who i was and i happen to notice how he was treated was crewel .

Update by Unknown34566
Jan 30, 2024 9:34 pm EST

They have lied to make it where no location would hire him and that they put him in a no rehire status for no purpose but to harassment him and cause him denial of employment at different location if he wanted to work at another owner location .

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