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711 Capitol Way S, Olympia, WA, 98501, US
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Home Instead Senior Care - treat the employees like total crap and lie to the clients

worked for them for a long time never had one complaint from any client i ever worked with always performed my duties well then they hired these incompetent people to work in the office moved up the people who were already there and started treating the caregivers like crap changing the rules as it suites them tell you that you cant have a cell phone at work then call you on it all day call you at a clients house to talk about other clients winch in against hipaa law tell you to come to their office whenever they feel like it and do not pay you for your time and gas lie to the clients to suite their situation saying that clients are number 1 then lying to them on the phone i am in the process of filing complaints with the labor board and the state for various reasons they don't give you lunch breaks or even a ten minute break when you work an 8 hour shift you better hope you have some experience when you start working there cause you get a 3 to 4 hour training and on your own time you have to do it on your time just like everything else on your own time no compensation what so ever FAMILIES DO NOT HIRE HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE FOR YOUR LOVED ONES THEY HIRE PEOPLE OFF THE STREET WITH NO EXPERIENCE THEY SEND INCOMPENTENT PEOPLE DO CHEESY BACK GROUND CHECKS AND EVEN WORSE IS THEY HIRE OFFICE STAFF THAT ARE WORSE NO EXPERIENCE CALL TO CLIENTS HOUSES TO TALK ABOUT OTHER CLIENTS IS AGAINST THE LAW the worst company i ever worked for never got one paid day off no medical benefits do not work for them do not hire them for your loved one BEWARE

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Design Dep't
, US
Sep 17, 2015 7:43 pm EDT

In Idaho too I think this company kills off the good workers but the main problem I no longer could put up with was casual uncaring, even in the face of gluing unqualified jobs onto mere uncertified caregivers- mostly CNA type work that homemakers are not trained for, nor could ever be paid enough for. I did not expect this, but HISC (at least the franchise in 83814) did not delineate the distinctions. How can people be expected not only cop but excel in pushing around 215 pound clients (who plainly need advanced care) when they were originally prepped if not assured they'd not be held tenable to lifting a limit of a mere 25? Lip service; use you 'til you burn out. I AGREE. If you make it that way without actually throwing your back and whole frame out, getting hurt in the base bargain. No, 'they' do not listen to the clients or workers, I KNOW this. So funny: boy, I sure did get a response and a fast one after I sent my quit notice. And neither did they care to find out why nor to keep me.

Do Not Work Here!
Olympia, US
Mar 30, 2013 7:34 am EDT

I too have worked for home instead in olympia and must say all the above are valid complaints. All I can say is you get what you pay for and if they don't pay up they end up losing some of the best employees who should be as valued as the clients that are benefiting from their care. There is total lack of communication amongst the office staff. Repeated calls to the point of obnoxious only to relay the same information over and over again with some variation or contradictory information. They demand so much as part-time work and yet we are never rewarded for our hard work unless you consider 'verbal' praise over and over again as a reward. Also known as lip service. They use you until you're burnt out. I guess if they don't really listen to what the clients have to say why would they listen to the care givers? We are only their direct care provider right?

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