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Alfie's Body Shop - Poor and Dishonest Work

We found out about this place because an old acquaintance’s stepfather owns the shop. We decided to move forward since we sort of knew him through an old acquaintance and didn't think he would be dishonest. He gave a fair price and we gave him the job.

We took the car in for a minor dent on the passenger side and some very minor scratches on the left due to a Metro bus rubbing the car. He got the car to us in just 2 days, no big deal since it wasn't major. We got the car back and he wasn't able to match the color and it had a few paint bubbles. Not sure why he gave us back the car this way. I called him and told him said to bring it back and that we would fix it.

When we finally got the car back, there was a small blotch of paint on the back passenger door where he shouldn't have painted the car. On the back bumper there are now little impressions that weren't there in the first place. I told him that I didn't take car like that and I wanted him to fix it. He said he noticed it and that out of courtesy he retouched it a bit. He only retouched the part that would've been noticeable. I told him that I never asked him to do that and that to me it seemed he did it so that it wouldn't look noticeable. I talked to him calmly and asked him nicely to please fix the back bumper since that wasn't the way I gave him the car. He said that he didn't do it and that he would charge me $150 to fix it. I asked him one more time and he still refused. I’m really upset that he didn’t get it right the first time and after the second time he gave me back the car with minor damage the car didn’t have when we gave it back to him.

Don't go here. The man does poor quality work and is dishonest. I should’ve stopped myself when I noticed his shop doesn’t seem to be setup to do paint jobs. Most of times these shops have special rooms for painting cars. I didn’t see this at his shop.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Poor and Dishonest Work

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