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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree verified


I see all the complaints for the same reason for different states of Dollar Trees .

Is the company even reading our complaints? What is it going to take for you to actually go in one of your stores and see what we are complaining about.

Dollar Tree stores used to be nice and clean and well stocked. Now its trashy and bare stocked. Unpacked boxes stacked up in front of isles, products dumped all over the floor, fridge is always empty, and expired bread.

Maybe you have the wrong employees handling your business.

What are you waiting for? Please do something about the problems!!

  • Ha
    Handymanny Feb 27, 2020

    The associates are trying, they keep calling OSHA to report issues and dollartree continues to get very hefty fines but a fortune 100 company can afford to pay those keep calling!!!

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