131 S Americas Ave, El Paso, TX, 79907, US

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Whataburger lack of organization on behalf of management

On [protected], Luiza Ramirez is the Manager and in charge of the night shift located at 131 S Americas Ave El Paso TX. I ordred as usuall at this location 6 Breakfast taquitos. This was approximately 2:40 a.m when I placed my order. I placed my order as I usually do, and didn't see a cone, which is usuallly placed so customers don't go into the second drive through lane, so I proceeded to move into the second lane to pick up my order. 10 min go by 20 min go by then I glazed at the window and honked and asked her why my order wasn't brought to me. she ignored me at this point. I went around again and placed my oreder for a second time. As I approaced the window, Luiza was and i asked her why the second lane was opened, yet no one was going outside to service it. she said." were not allowed to go outside. " I asked her why there wasan't a cone placed in the second lane so customers wouldn't go into it and wait after they placed and an order. she ignored and closed the window and gave me my order. I am not offended but concerned about this lady, which from what I saw is a Manager. She took no responsability of what I think was a very simple matter that she failed in my opinion to address to me as a customer. I am an El Pasoan. and have visited this Whataburger since I was in HIgh School. Socorro Class of 89. I feel that she fell short of doing thigs right tonight.