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Reviews and Complaints

new cheap phone that is crap!

Decided after hearing from friends and relatives about the great "cricket wireless service" that I would go ahead this month and make the switch from my current carrier to this service. I went into a nearby cricket store, which is not a main store but a privately owned store on the southeast side area. Well not thinking much about how hard this transition was going to be actually be, I thought for now I would buy the most economical phone, which out of the seven other phones that were "out of stock" did not leave much to choose from - mainly this really cheap cricket cell phone. The ez - phone if you will. But nothing ez about this phone. After being told that I had to call the 1-866 number to transfer my old number to the new phone - and not being told that it would take over 4 hours, actually took 10 hours and a whole day with out my service. By this time I am not a happy camper, but being optimistic, ready for the next day. Well the next day comes, and I find out that this phone only holds 10 voice mail messages, and I begin to have problems with it. The numbers are sticking and I am dropping calls. By now I am fed up, so I take it back to this little mom and pop store, and to my suprise, this phone is not returnable after 30 minutes of talk time, well let me remind you that 10 hours of that was just in transferring the phone number, I did not even use it for a day, one for the charging of the new battery. Just trying to call customer took 2 hours of this talk time, before I took it into the store. By now I am fuming. So I decide to take it into a main cricket store, the best they could do was to credit my account $10 lousy dollars and switch out this piece of crap for another same piece of crap. Now I have a new piece of crap which by now I cant return because I have used up this 30 minute limit which now nullifies the warranty. How about those apples. I should have never switched from my other carrier, I should have just gotten another phone.

Be aware of this cricket, and be sure to ask lots of questions!!! And by no means, don't go into any of these mom and pop stores... They will not go over their products and you wont know what kind of phone you will be actually buying until your upset because the phone is junk!!!

  • De
    dee Apr 11, 2008

    try this its corporate office numbers see if they will help you out...

    Location Type: Headquarters
    10307 Pacific Center Court
    San Diego, CA 92121
    United States (Map)
    Phone: 858-882-6000
    Fax: 858-882-6010

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  • Ma
    Marcia Mills May 28, 2008

    I too had problems getting started. It took a month! I had to pay for that month that I had NO service. It is virtually impossible to reach a live person! I could not get it working because my number was not in the system. I could not get my number in the system because I could not get it to work. I ran in circles until I finally went to a local dealer.
    I eventually grew tired of it and cancelled my Cricket service. I was told I was paid up until such-and-such a date, but it would be turned off on that date. It was turned off a day before I was told, but I was so frustrated by that time, I let it go.
    Two months later, I received a bill, which included late fees! Last night, three months after I cancelled my service, I received a call from a man in India, telling me that I could reactivate my Cricket phone and they would waive my remaining balance and the late fee. I explained that I did not owe anything. He then said I could reactivate it and they would waive the $15 activation fee. I began to explain that I already had service with another carrier and HE HUNG UP ON ME!
    I was so angry that I tried to call back. Of course, I had to have a Cricket phone number in order to contact a human, so I got nowhere.
    Today, I am sending a letter to the corporate headquarters. I may get nowhere with them, but I am sending a copy to our Better Business Bureau. I will not be treated like that and let them get away with it! I also will let everyone know NOT to deal with Cricket for cellular phone service.

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  • Va
    valeriee Sep 17, 2008

    your company employees dont have a clue what they are doing they can never answer ?s ive been done dirty about 4 times from your company i dont even know why i stay the managers dont even cant explain so they deside just to hang up it must nice to have a job where you just answer phones and say gee i dont why your bill is so high your company really sucks and i hope you guys lose business so thanx for ripping me of you jerks

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  • St
    strange Apr 26, 2009

    These aint the only people like that!! I be wantin to blow them folks up because they treat u like u aint got no legitimate complaint and when u wile out on they [email protected]#, they peg u as an irrational customer!! They done got your money now so they treat u like dirt. They start acting like they aint at work- like u on the street! All professional at first cuz they got they hand out. So hey i treat they a#@ like they on the street and get kicked out after paying for some BS!! CAnt win for losing. Dont patronize them mom and pop shops and call them mF's out on they unprofessionalism when they try 2 G u.

    A consumer who done been through it all with these folks!!

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  • Cricket cell phones are crap!! Customer service is even worse. The reps. lie to get you to buy their phones then they do not support you when you call in with a complaint. Cricket service and phones are the worst.!! What makes it ever wore is that the reps. do not give a crap that the customer is uphappy.

    I am going to call their headquaters about my crappy treatment. That number is (858)882-6000 in San Diego, California.

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  • Th
    theflyingbookman Dec 28, 2009

    I agree with this angry people. There was a time when I could get a real person to talk to and solve any problems. I just sent a FAX to the Corporate Office with my complaint. If I don't get an answer I will start charging them my costs to get my problems solved and send them the bill. If they do not pay, I'll just happily take them to court. That's why I love to live in America!

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  • Ak
    akintx Feb 06, 2010

    Being harassed by Cricket after cancelling services (9 calls in little over two and a half hours to my blocked listing
    Cricket signed us up for their services, however there was no service in our area. After sending the phones back within the 30 day period and receiving a credit they proceeded to ring me everyday with an automated call that did not respond or give me options. After days of being tired of picking up the phone for nothing, I blocked the call, now my phone rings every 10 minutes with their phone #. When I rang the number, they are attempting to have me re-establish service with them. I am beginning to wish I had never heard the name cricket. I will complain to their Corporate Headquarters, if they still ring, I'll complain to the BBB and keep complaining until this harassment stops.

    Sugar Land TX

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  • Ja
    Jay78 Mar 23, 2010

    I recently went online and purchased a phone with cricket and paid the connection fee. A few days later they tell me i owe them $8.88. for a connection fee when i already paid it upfront when i bought the phone online. After calling then and complaining and being transfered like 8 times because no one can help me i finally got a supervisor and she said there is nothing they will do to fix the problem. After i said i am going to switch back to my old carrier if the problem is not resolved all she said was OK sorry you feel that way. Now that is awesome service that make you want to stay with them!!!

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  • Bo
    bobby0610 Apr 28, 2010

    I believe that cricket is the worst servive ever. I have been a customer for a year and every month there is a issue wit my service. That along with not being able to contact a human when calling customer service is frustrating. When you go in to a store the reps dont even pretend to care about ur service problems. They are rude and are not helpful in the least bit. I discourage anyone to join cricket wireless. I have recently switched cell phone companies and am happy to pay an extra 15 dollars a month because they appreciate there customers.

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  • Ch
    chocolate773 May 04, 2010

    I went to Cricket for wireless internet service. First day service was bad, called customer service the next day, was told give them 24 hours to correct the problem. 24 hours later service still sucked. I was having to get on the internet on my phone, instead of my laptop, so I called to cancel the service. They said I could only get the $50 price for the modem back, but not my installation charge. I said ok, they told me take it back to the store and get my money. They also disconnected the service. So I went back to the store to return the modem. First they were acting like they couldn't find me in the system. Good thing I had all my receipts, besides it had only been three days since I had bought it. Then they told me that because customer service disconnected my service over the phone, and not the store that I couldn't get my money back. Told me to come back and talk with the General Manager the next day. So I went back the next day, explained everything to him. He straight up told me it was nothing he could do, grabbed the phone called customer service gave me the phone and walked away. Cricket doesn't care, they steal money from their customers. My sister has phone service with them. They have been over charging her. Now they claim that the plan she signed up for is different. I was with her when she got the service and Cricket is lying about the actual plan. I hope eventually the government will investigate them.

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  • Jo
    Jo-Lynn Harland Jun 11, 2010

    To Whom it May Concern:
    I have tried very hard to be paciant with the office here in my town and it seems like all I am getting is the run around. Now I know what I asked them to do was not going to be easy but after 3weeks and no answers to being able to change over to this company with my same phone number I have decided to stay with ATT. Thank you so much for your no help and no service. I will pay for the month I have had no service under MY phone number and will be getting the rest of my money back.

    Jo-Lynn Harland
    1575 E. Millard Way
    Dinuba, California 93618

    Phone # 559-779-1339

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