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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree verified


Dear sirs,
I went to the Dollar Tree in Lincoln, RI on Saturday,
March 14 around 7pm.
The employees were very friendly, courteous and helpful.
The store was well stocked and the isles were clear and clean.
The store is very neat and tidy.
The only complaint that I have is the lighting.
You need to send someone there to replace the blubs in the
ceiling lights.
So many are out and the ones that are working are very dim.
You need a flashlight in order to shop in the store at night.
If the lighting situation was fixed, you would drive a lot
more traffic to that store.

Dollar Tree
622 George Washington Hwy
Lincoln, RI 02865

My name is Richard Worrall

I love shopping at your Dollar Tree Stores.
I always find great bargains there.
I'm always watching the Youtube videos of what
bargains other people are finding at your stores.

Thank you so much for making all of my great shopping experiences
at all your Rhode Island stores.
I live in Woonsocket, RI and I have three Dollar Tree Stores
that are on bus routes close to me.
The one in Lincoln and two in Woonsocket.

Last Halloween, I picked up packages of your eyeballs.
Each kid got and eyeball with their candy.
You could hear them going down the street, "I got and eyeball!"
I am going to shop for something like that, to do again,
next year and every year at Halloween.

Again, thanks for all the great experiences
shopping in your stores and thanks again for all the bargains.

Richard Worrall