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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree verified

Customer service and the treatment of customers.

The Dollar Tree with the address provided above is just awful, over the years I have put up with unnecessary long lines, absolutely dirty store, boxes of merchandise still in the brown boxes unpacked stacked, Employee complaining about each other, the bathroom unkepted, even products the break easily, and to see stuff just thrown on shelfs!!! I have asked myself why do i come to a place like this? to save a few bucks, and check out some neat products. But is it worth it to walk threw a store like this and give money to a place that seems not to care ?? Well Yesterday was it for me!!! recently our state (NY) has a band on plastic bags, (store do have a month to use up the rest of there plastic bags they have in stock ) knowing this i still brought my own in, when it come to checking out i noticed a customer with out a bag in front of me, the clerk just rang her up and threw a few plastic bags at her for her things and told her to bag her own stu[censored] i thought this was so weird, rude, but i dident know what that situation was all about, The clerk left the register to go put back a shopping basket and fit a items, me and the customers just looked at this girl with question on how she left this lady to bag but had time to leave and put a basket away, and fix something unessary, (alittle odd and timing was wrong) she even walked passed the lady to do this stuff so when she came back to finally check me out i handed my bag to the clerk and she smiled and pushed it aside, rang my stuff threw and left it there (being way confused why she was doing that )and after i payed she " said oh there is your bag and you need to bag your own stuff" I asked why? is this something new that you are doing? she Refused to answer me !! All she said it was faster to have the customers bag there own stu[censored] (i truly dont see how) and line was forming behind me, i was waiting for the lady ahead of me still bagging her stuff to move, !I had bought 27 items that i had to pack and i had my little kids with me... i kept asking the clerk, is this how things are going to be with customers having to bag there own stuff ??? again skirting around the question but after me she bagged the lady behind me two items in plastic bags !! I asked her several more times as i was packing my stuff and still "oh its faster to bag your own stuff, " If i wasent on a time frame and waiting in a long line for these items and needed them, i would of just lefted or returned the stuff, I lefted the store confuse and Pissed about how i and other customers where being, treated!!! this is wrong!!! I know its a cheep store but people work hard for there money and to go spend it at a store where your are treated like that!! I can go to walmart or even target and pay a little more for the same stuff and atleast not be treated like thats and i wont leave upset... how horrible !!! and its shameful! I was at Store #1003 952 Union rd, West Seneca NY 14224 at 5:47, on 3/4/20 Brigid was the clerk, I do hope you look into this matter because I am sure I am not the only customer your company lost yesterday or how ever long the clerk been treating customers or future customers like this ..

[protected] Katie Kraw