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Queens Electronicecrater order #4488220

I ordered an Akai Ewi 4000s through the Queens-electronic site on September 10th and David Feroz, the CMO of the company, contacted me to tell me that he did not receive payment for the good. However, PayPal has registered that the transaction went through. I have screen shots to prove it. I also called PayPal to check on it. They confirmed that the transaction did go through and they told me to contact the seller, so I emailed David on both September 16th and 18th to update him on the status of the payment, inform him of my actions, and to request a refund for the purchase($699). On September 19th, he said that he'd look into and back to me. It is now October 10th. I emailed him on October 5th asking for an update and he has not responded. I believe that I am eligible for a refund immediately and will seek legal assistance if no action is taken within 3 days of this submission.

ecrater order #4488220
ecrater order #4488220
ecrater order #4488220
ecrater order #4488220