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Reviews and Complaints

24 Hour Fitness USAmiscommunication and manipulating me to make a quota despite my personal veteran issues and readjustment situation. tu

I initally signed up for a basic membership to a place I can maintain my fitness (as a Veteran with help adjusting to a new health regiment.) On the first Day of getting familiar with my $31 Monthly sign-up membership, I was immediately approached by staff members offering and selling me personal trainer dues and payment options. I wasn't aware that I was required to have a personal trainer, plus with my (Military-Personal anxiety) I went ahead and explained that I really need to get back in shape at my "old age of 50" and they agin insisted that I came to the right place. During this process I indicated that I'm on a limited budget and do work at a Hospital for Veterans and my time schedule could be a factor that, s why I chose a "24Hour fitness facility". Then I was asked can I pay a$1800 fee for a fitness trainer which I didn't know I was required to pay as a member so I indicated that I didn't have the money. They then devised a payment schedule and proceeded with a contract and asked me to put down atleast something to get the paperwork started. Honestly I felt axious and kept stating that my schedule fluctuates and again I have to carefully monitor my livelihood. Finally I signed and throughout the process I started to notice a pattern of "if I can pay a litte something before scheduled payment, and time changes due to personal sudden situations on both sides". I admit my trainer Was and Is quite knowledgable but I felt rushed because you can only get a limited exercise in on 50 minute session. When I inquired about cancellation on 3 occasions I was told that the person to talkto either wasn't there or thay would be back at a later date and time. Meanwhile time is still moving foreward and I'm being charged as if I was actively making sessions. Lastly when I finally spoke with the person in charge I presented the texting dialog between the trainer and I and ALL reciepts etc. I was suggested to not cancel because if I cancelled then everything will be terminated regarding my membership. I left the facility extremely uncomfortable and returned a few days later with the intention of cancelling my membership and once again and this time I stated I was going to another facility to process the cancellation. The person in charge had me wait in the lobby and prior to me leaving after waiting and this person not coming back. A receptionist at the desk printed out a cancellation reciept and I Never saw or talked to the person in charge. I checked the detailed in formation and realized Still being charged eventhough VIA TEXT the trainer stated that "OUR SESSIONS ARE CANCELLED". SO I am writing this as a prerequisite to consulting the Better Business Bureau.