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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree verified


This morning about 9:30 I was in Dollar in Fair Lawn, NJ (Radburn section)
for a quick look around while waiting for a bus. I was browsing at the new collection of spring children's hats and the scarves in the same area. I looked at a particular scarf (I am a collector of scarves) and open it and it was rather large and I thought, this was nicer than the usual small scarves, while it was opened and I examined, I started folding it and was about to put it back on the hooks, at that time a woman (the manager) rushed up and grabbed it from my hand and said, "that's my scarf", I replied, "oh, I'm sorry", "I thought it was nicer than the usual scarves" she walked away looking VERY ANGRY, and muttered "why did u fold it" and I said, "because am a very neat & tidy person and am always folding, putting away, etc.", she started making comments such as "well, it had no tag", I said I do not pay attention to tags, I just look for items that I like"I said," I do not have to steal"she contined making remarks, until she said"get out of the store, "
I said no, she said"I will call the cops", I said"go ahead", at that time I decided my bus should be coming in 5 minutes. this woman is not managerial material, she is a monster, very dour, never pleasant, she is chubby, with hair pulled back, not a kid, always unpleasant, I repeat, not management material. The other employees, cashiers, etc., stock people, are always pleasant. I am a"senior" and refuse to be treated this way, a regular customer. she should be fired, others have complained about her! BAD, BAD.