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Reviews and Complaints

RHP Propertiesunethical behavior, misuse of information, lack of communication

When I first went into Woodland Estates I was excited. I had looked at the reviews online for the property management company (RHP Properties) and was pretty shocked to see how bad they were, but I wanted to give them a try. I have dealt with a few poor landlords / management companies, but this one was the absolute worst. I began working with Ashli Cottage and thought she was extremely nice upon our first few interactions. She showed us around 7 homes the first day and on the second day we asked to return to two of them. We went to submit an application and she said I would need a special form to count my income as I'm a caregiver. I had the form filled out and asked if I could show proof of income by showing bank checks or [protected]@mobile once she told me that even though the form was filled out, my income would not qualify, but she never opted to get back to me. When we called to ask to see if we could view cheaper homes that my husbands income alone would qualify for, she refused. Truly refused saying that she did not feel comfortable showing us more homes because our background check was not complete. My husband is military, of course our background checks would come back perfect so at that point they were making any excuse possible to ensure we were turned off by the park entirely. The other extremely shady thing is that for the application they took our social security information, employment information, previous locations, and over a week later, we still have not heard whether we have been approved or not. I hate the idea of knowing that a random company with awful reviews has my personal information and can apply for things as us any time they want. If you're looking to buy, stop yourself now before entering this community. They are advertising homes for sale, but they do not currently have their sales license. They are requiring you to live in the home for a few months at rental price and then you will be able to purchase the home after living there a few months. I wasn't aware that was legal, but I'm sure they have figured out a way to completely misguide someone legally. By far worst experience I have ever had, including rude, unconcerned, disrespectful staff, no communication, and I'm still left full of unanswered questions. Would highly encourage all buyers or renters to stay away from RHP Properties.

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    Gengee Mar 08, 2020

    I'm sorry you experienced this but not surprised at all. Their main office in Michigan is largely comprised of assholes leading assholes. The top tier is a network of Jerks including Brad Valka, Rosemary Cody and Bob Rogala who are three of the biggest headquarter assholes highly favored by Ross the rat and Joel the jerk that you will ever meet. God help me, I loathe these people to my core. One day they will reap it allback and you and all the tenants they've wronged will be avenged. I sincerely hope RHP is shut down very very soon!

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