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Reviews and Complaints

Ford Motor Company2018 F350

I dropped my 2018 f350 dually off at lexington park ford to have the recall repaired and my wheel corrosion taken care of. The dealership turned down the repair to the aluminum wheels, the truck had 36, 159 miles on it. I then contacted the people at the corpetate level, they turned me down too. While my truck was sitting at the dealer ship in lexingtonpark, the interior was trashed and items that belong to me where stolen out of cab, oakly sunglasses, a seiko divers watch, and a ipod. I was very upset and mr. King was very polite and offered me an oil change. I am still pretty upset, I purchased the extended warranty, I paid 70, 000 dollars total for the warranty and the truck. I have trusted ford for years, ford won't warranty my wheels when I went 150 miles over the 36, 000 and I bought the extended warranty. What am I buying? What in the heck are you selling? Then to add insult to injury, my trucks cab was trashed and things where stolen out of my truck. I am not satisfied and I am furious!