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Reviews and Complaints

Save-A-Lotmy chance

A guy that looks like he was the store manager charged me $3.44 twice he has short bushy hair he wears glasses he's Redskin he's short I believe that he is the store manager I had a problem like this before and it had a girl that overcharged me she took $0.25 more from my pockets that she didn't deserve and when I went back to tell him about it she said she knew nothing of it so this time I'm telling you that this guy what glasses on he looks like he could be the store manager here will charge me $3.44 twice for one pack of meat and I'm calling to let you guys know her because these people act like they don't know what you're talkin about but you guys do have cameras so please bring the cameras to see this man overcharging me and please let him return me my money back cuz I think it's very unfair for me to pay more when I barely have any money at all this is why I come to save a lot so I can save not be ripped off and I'm reporting it here because most of the time when I talk to those people they act like somebody's doing them something and my mother also told me that she went there and was asking him a question about that they have any more asparagus and brussel sprouts and they had an attitude problem and told me that they will bring it out whenever they felt like it so this is why I want to report this here because I do not need them making me look like I'm the bad person when I'm just a customer trying to get my change correct