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tiara price different at register from shelf price

We have pictures of the tiara (on the left) my daughter wanted in a bin that said 16.99 and when we got to the register Johnathan rang it up as twice the cost. I told him the price on the shelf/bin was not that and he called the manager. The manager came out with a different tiara and said this was the cheaper one and that the one we had wasn't labeled yet. I told him it was in the bin with a clearly marked price on the shelf for 16.99 and he said well that one is more expensive. I reminded him of the Florida law of false advertising and he laughed and made a comment. I told him I will be contacting corporate and BBB and he said whatever or something to that effect. If false advertising, improper inventory and price labeling is how Party City runs the business we will never shop here again. I will be contacting BBB and other retail authorities re: misrepresenting products to young children. The price should be on each and every item if your not willing to honor the price on the shelf that the item is stored on. I have pictures and clearly told the manager he is wrong and the law was on my side but he insisted on not giving the tiara my daughter wanted without paying more. I refused and took the other one anyway to keep her happy. I will be contacting BBB, and social media to spread the word on how Party City doesn't care to do the right/legal thing and how they think they can get away with mislabeled pricing and gouge at the register since we don't see a printed price on the item. I'm mad and hope someone contacts me immediately before I start my social media campaign. This is not the first time, but definitely the last!

Receipt number ocg 1989 004 00KI - store number 304 Trn 20 Reg [protected] : 5:25pm.

tiara price different at register from shelf price