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Franchised Restaurant - Customer service

I have enjoyed my relationship with the Chick Fil A company since the beginning of my college career, throughout graduate school and even now as I pursue my Law Career. I am writing today to explain about a bad experience I had at your restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida (Store #03146) on July 20, 2020.
It is appalling to witness not only your employee but a manager of such a respected restaurant chain to behave in such a manner. While in the drive thru, I ordered two grilled 8ct chicken nugget meals, however, when I arrived back at my office, I realized that the chicken nuggets were fried instead of grilled. I am highly intolerable of most fried foods. I called the store and politely explained the situation to manager Sonia Santiago. First, she asked if I had the original receipt. However, I only received the receipt label that was on the bag which had the transaction number, transaction total etc. She attempted to look up my order, but she stated that she could not find it. Her advice was "if you cannot come back to the store NOW, the best I can offer is coupons in the mail" very rudely as if I had caused an inconvenience to her or perhaps lying about my incorrect order. I explained to her that I could not come right now due to client appointments, but I could come as soon as I was able. Before hanging up, she offered nothing more or less and informed me she could not do anything if I came the next day or so. I, then, called back several times to speak with another manager, but no one answered. After my appointments and still hungry due to an incorrect order, I drove all the way back to Chick Fil A Delray Beach (#03146) for manager Sonia Santiago to not acknowledge me, she did not even come to the door, she looked at me from the window like an unvalued customer (Perhaps, because I am an African American Woman), no apology was issued for this huge inconvenience to me, and I feel completely ashamed and embarrassed. I was both shocked and disappointed to have been treated in this way and I believe you should be made aware of your employee's actions.
I trust that this is not the way that Chick Fil A does business or facilitates to resolve customer issues. I also trust that you will mention my concern with Sonia or the store operator Susan Leffert to prevent this incident happening again.

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, US
Jan 16, 2021 2:06 pm EST

Your delusional if you think this company gives a damn about anything but money and controlling people!

They are just another self-serving, egomaniacal, evil organization hell bent on screwing people over, and selling their toxic garbage to as many brainwashed sheeples as they possibly can.

Just like Dunkin Brands (Inspire Brands), they have absolutely NO respect or consideration for the sheeples they serve! It's ALL about the money and control!

, US
Jan 04, 2021 4:27 pm EST

I attempted to use my rewards for 8ct chicken nuggets but it would not scan through although the total 500 points were deducted from rewards.

Reference no 89901*****3759

The incident occurred at the Baytown Store, #020311.

Lastly, I just want to say that the service at this store is phenomenal. Because of these awkward times were are living in, I am unable to eat in the store, but I absolutely enjoy the food sitting in the adjacent parking lot. God makes away for his children. Much love and peace!

My name is Judy Hunter and my email address is

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