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Hi, my name is Elleanor Kiser I was recently contact and told I had qualified for a grant. They told me I had to pay a fee to receive it which I did now I am afraid it was a scam and they now have my card number and information.the fee they charged they also said I would have access to this site for a certain amount of time, and I should receive a grant check in the next four business days.I have the number of the Lady who called me her name was Merlin and the number was [protected] and she said my grant no. was 558735. What I want to know is was this a scam and should I close my card .You can respond through this email at your earliest would be appreciated. [protected] And do I need to cancel this subscription which I did not ask for. Thank you


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      Nov 15, 2017

    This sounds like it is likely a scam. No grant should involve money being paid. Call your bank to dispute the transaction and then have your card canceled and re-issued.

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