US Bank / US Bancorpbranch manager

J Jul 23, 2019

I already have an account at US Bank and went there to open a joint account. Everyone there has been wonderful, but today I met with the branch manager to open this new account. He lacked customer service skills to say the least. He mentioned I closed a credit card with them 2 years ago and then asked me how I pay my bills. I've never had anyone at a bank ask me that before. I told him I didn't think that was any of his business. He told me I was clearly not in the mood for an adult conversation. What??? He never explained to me why he was asking me how I pay my bills. That would have been the adult thing to do. But he continued to belittle me and walk away from me and blamed me for being the problem. I was horrified. I'm still shaking at the treatment I received. And when I went online to file a complaint, I learned he was the branch manager so will probably suffer no consequences. Now I have to move my money to a different bank. What a pain!

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