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The rep from the company contacted me and offered the job. After that he took my personal info and promised to contact me within several weeks. After that I waited, but no one called me. I tried to reach them, but of course their phones were switched off. I tried to send emails, but all my emails were retuned back. Maybe someone has any ideas how to reach these people, please post comments.


  • Vl
    Vlad Dimitry Nov 25, 2018

    I applied with many other porn UK companies and all of them request hundreds of pounds of membership fee, one of them asked me for £1000, I decide to proceed but they never contact me back, the company also did not have any office or landline number.
    I applied with this company and they seemed legit because they had an office and number for enquiries, I decide to proceed with them and they explain me the procedures. The deposit is not mandatory if you provide to them your own promotional Video this is because there is a lot of men that can not perform in front of the camera. I decide to see a Voyeur session first and in two hours of filming the men had very little to show, they were all nervous in front of the camera and they can not do what is asked after that I understood why the deposit/ own video. I decide to give my own video and after that I had my first paid Straight video. The crew is excellent and friendly and the female performers very pretty!

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  • Vl
    Vlad Dimitry May 22, 2019

    They still have the same phone number and email address I been working with them for a few years now on their BDSM studio, the only good porn company in UK

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  • Ja
    jasmine mcglen Dec 16, 2019

    The same porn company had asked me for about £5000 in deposit last month. They said because of the number of applications they receive, they cannot let me proceed without paying this which determines my seriousness. Is there any way to waive this fee? It is expensive and I'd love to work for this studio.

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  • Ja
    jasmine mcglen Dec 17, 2019

    @jasmine mcglen Never mind I misheard the quotes lol

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  • Na
    nathan11396 Jan 18, 2020

    whats there phone number?

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  • Ab
    Abs Qudus Feb 01, 2020

    I originally thought this place was a scam so paid £90 for the voyeur service as it wouldn't be too much of a loss. I had a date, time and location confirmed and arrived at the place. It wasn't anything fancy and the place did look quite dark. I was told that their other building is under construction so they had to use a different one.

    I was led downstairs into a small room with a sofa and a glass door for everything to be seen from. I could see that for the 2 hours that I was there the guys weren't very good at performing. The scenes were shot in like a basement type sort of area but more of a lower sort of position. It's not the type of area you could stand in so most of the scenes will be done on the floor on a mattress, no bed or wall involved. The staff are very friendly and helpful to the performers since some of the get nervous when there is a camera pointed at them.

    Before I left I asked what kind of criteria needs to be met and I was told that the guy would need to perform 3 scenes with the woman and the final shot being a money shot on her. They have half an hour for the performance but they tend to last about 15 minutes.

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