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United Strategic Alliance / Sidney Tarrant review: Sid Tarrant is taking his clients money off shore without them knowing about i

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This is inside information. Sid Tarrant is taking his clients money off shore without them knowing about it. He has hidden himself behind HSBC, and Convergence Capital. He convinces borrowers that he is well established with rated institutions, but in reality, he is building as he goes. He tells everyone that he manages $10 billion in assets, but he can’t even pay his staff.

Sid has moved money out of his attorney escrow, and transferred client’s funds off shore without them knowing about it. They have manipulated borrowers in believing with a 10% deposit into their attorney escrow, that they will buy a corporate bond on the borrower’s behalf, and give them a line of credit against it. What they are Not telling you, is that the illegal movement of your funds is being done by their attorneys and escrow agents.

This is a very big ponies scheme! We had to resign from this company because we cannot be involved in the illegal activity this company is doing, and if needed will testify against them in a federal suit. Sid Tarrant, has pulled in millions of Dollars from in less than 60 days and that’s transferred these funds to an off shore account in Europe.

This is your money has transferring, with the help of his attorneys. His website is not finished, because he couldn’t pay the web designer. Dif has not paid any of his people since July, and the money he has taken from his clients will never get paid back, because they moved your funds off shore without you knowing about it do not trust this group, you are heading for trouble if you do.

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