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United Laboratories - Terrible experience!

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4:17 pm
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I recieved an email from Craig Brinney who said he was the Division Sales Manager with United Laboratories, Inc. I researched the company and found them on several different websites that basically described it as a scam. So I declined to meet for an interview and told him about what I had found thinking that his company might want to investigate these slanderous reports. He replied by insulting me and my character in an email... Here is the actual email he sent me!

Its amazing how one rep who was not successful with our employee owned, 44 year old company that has generated profits each year in business, and has a tenor of employees being with us over 10 years, can make you feel, United Laboratories Inc. is a bad company. Its a shame you use this rather, than a better business agency, or come in for a personal interview, to find out for yourself.

Judging by this, I am sure you would not be a candidate that would be successful with us, as well as I am sure I would have not invited you back for a second interview, after meeting you in person. Best of luck on your job search. I am sure you will need it. Craig Briney Division Sales Manager United Labs.

So if you are approached by this company be very aware that they anger easily and are terribly unprofessional.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 13, 2014 4:17 pm

I left this company on good terms with them, as I live in a small community and I don't like burning bridges. The sales manager(he lives close to me so I thought he was more trustworthy) has called me several times to get names and phone numbers of people who I had contacted on behalf of the company. I even offered to get them in with the people at the city that I now work for. For my help and professionalism the company is now claiming that I owe them almost $800 in "returns" or "delinquencies."

Also, since no one has posted this(that I can see), one of the hardest parts about selling for this company is that the upper management has pulled so many dirty tricks to get sales that a lot of former or prospective clients won't even speak to you. You will notice that the only people who have said positive things about this company(on this board or any other) are LONG-TIME employees, most of them having risen to upper management by using disreputable sales tricks.

If you are principled and honest sales person, whose strengths are in building and maintaining strong relationships and repeat sales, this company is definitely the wrong way to go.

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wow! I wish I read all these reviews about this Employee Owned company before I accepted the sales position. Sad to say, IT IS ALL TRUE! No training, paying for samples to demo, lack of management, no support whatsoever. This job is costing me money and regret leaving a good steady job with income for this poor excuse for a company. I could go on and on but sick to my stomach over my bad decision.

Word to the Wise! Don't work for these people and company... You will be in debt...

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Everyone who works for the company owes them money because it is the only way that United can make any money! They take total advantage of their employees and when the employee gets smart to their games, the force the person out and then charge them for all of the so-called "free items". The company is a joke! They tried to charge me until I told them that I would see them before a judge.

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Apr 22, 2014 4:17 pm

A terrible company to work for in the chemical industry. In fact the worst. These jokers (current management) are a joke and will soon drive this company under. With State and Chemsearch making money, these guys are in debt. It's only a matter of time before they go out of business. Most people work here a few weeks and realize it was the worst mistake of their life. Most people are hired and then end up owing a lot of money to them. Just beware before you sign with them. Also, the rudest company I have ever work at.

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I would love to know what other complaints are being posted about United Labs. I work for them and I find their management team to be one of the most unprofessional I have ever known. I have been told one lie after another. I was told that they would spend a large amount of money on my training and during my first 6 months on the job, I would be working "side by side" with my supervisor on a bi-weekly basis. This is a lie. I was told that if I had any questions or needed any support or information, all I would have to do was call or send an email. This is also a lie. When I sent email, it went ignored (I send copies to myself, so if anyone from United Labs wants to say that what I am saying is untrue, I can prove them wrong). My phone calls (when answered) were met with ridicule and insults (once again, I kept a very detailed log of when the calls were made, who I called and what the results of the call were). The so called sales manager who hired me is in my opinion, nothing more than a professional recruiter who spends more time lying than telling the truth. The supervisor (Ryan) who was supposed to be there as a leader needs to get some training in how to speak with people without insulting them or treating them like their questions, concerns, etc are not valid. When I was able to actually speak with Ryan, he suddenly had a phone call every single time I tried to bring up a valid point. He didn't want to take the time necessary to help in developing a proper answer that would have helped me with my inquiry. This only showed me that he just doesn't care.

As someone who has numerous years of managerial experience, I know that the first thing a manager has to be is a leader. Ryan's way of dealing with things is not the sign of a leader. It is a sign of someone who has a title and just wants to coast through everything and not help when help is needed. He makes decisions before he hears all of the information. He is rude. He is belittling. His attitude toward me was nothing more than his way of blowing things off and not having to deal with reality.

I am still working for this company, but I assure you that I am leaving as soon as I get an offer from a company that actually cares about the people who work for them. I made a very big mistake by falling for the empty promises and numerous lies that were told to me in my interview.

As far as the response from Dan Young goes, I can only say that this is nothing more than him attempting to turn the truth around and making the complaint look like is was not valid. As an employee of this company, I can say that I have to believe what was described in the original complaint. Dan didn't even give his true email address. If you will notice the last line of his reply, he invites people to write and discuss things with him, but he only gives the main company website address. By doing this, he does not have to be the one who gets the email. All of the messages will be processed by a main reception site and then, like my numerous messages asking for help, advice, questions, products information and company policy, get ignored.

Dan, I am very sorry to say that you have a very poor management team. The harsh reality of it all it that after speaking with several sales reps who recently quit, I found out that my suspicions were confirmed. These weren't people who were employed for a short period of time. These were not people who worked for the company for more than just a few months or a year or two. These are people who gave several years to United Labs, only to grow tired of the cavalcade of lies and unprofessional way managers treat their team members.

To anyone who is considering a position with United Labs, I would highly suggest that you look elsewhere. This is not a professional company.

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Feb 19, 2008 4:17 pm

This individual ("francis") directed us to a post on another "complaint" site which was riddled with false accusations and mistruths. So for that, I can say United thanks this indvidual for outing this garbage.

However, we don’t appreciate this post and others that "francis" has posted at other "complaint" sites on the Net. We especially don’t appreciate "francis'" false claim that United appears on “several” websites as a “scam.” He was never able to actually validate this claim to Mr. Briney with specifics as to the “several” websites referenced. Not only is this offensive and untrue, it borders on legally actionable which at this time our legal counsel is investigating.

Perhaps Mr. Briney reacted somewhat emotionally to "francis'" rejection and false claims. As an employee-owner of United Laboratories with nearly two decades of service, Mr. Briney is passionate about the company. As an employee with similar tenure, I can understand Mr. Briney’s reaction to seeing the good name of United Laboratories being dragged through the mud.

However, if you read Mr. Briney’s e-mail to "francis,'" he does not insult "francis's" character in any way, shape or form. Incidentally, everything Mr. Briney states is factual including the statement that "francis" probably would not be a good fit for United Laboratories. This is very much in contrast with the claims made in "francis'" post which are, once again, completely false. But, "francis" wouldn’t know that given he gives more credence to one post on this website than an employee of United Laboratories with nearly 20 years of service.

Perhaps if "francis" spent less time using false names while spewing lies about reputable companies and spent more time conducting a legitimate career search, he might actually have a job at this point.

I invite anyone reading this post to discuss this further with me. I would welcome that opportunity. For more on United Laboratories, you may access our website at

Dan Young
Vice President
United Laboratories, Inc.
[email protected] Laboratories

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