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I`m a student of this University. I saw the complaint made by Mr Student.. I really appreciate him because he voice up for the goodness.. I personally had a conflict with TNC(Assistant Vice Counselor) of Unisel..His name is Mr Rustam Abbas. From my personal complaint, I would like to tell that he is not eligible to sit in such a high rank since he himself are not exercising how to behave mannerly with student. Maybe he is older than us but in the way of respect and listening problem, I really feel he is worst than a thorn shoes.. I went to meet him to request that I only able to pay RM350 as a down payment for my exam since my loan was on problem, I even show to him my dad health was bad and he is TPD. His idiot old man asked me to show what hand phone I'm using he asked me to go beg and pay because he don`t care about my request.. Is this Unisel student`s fate??

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  • M
      Jul 08, 2009

    i totall agree with you. as a student in unisel also, i have seen that this is really a pain in the ### university. who is he to talk to u like that. we should form a group that is called "I HATE UNISEL" group. haha just joking

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  • E
      Jul 10, 2009

    Hi I'm a student considering to enter UNISEL for TESL. I would like to ask for some advice. How is UNISEL in terms with the TESL programme and the overall university? I have to choose between studying TESL at UNISEL or MSU, so I need to inside information regarding the quality of UNISEL. I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you.

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