Union Pacific Corporationnoise, vibrations, damage to personal property

T Jul 23, 2019

I have lived at this address for almost 20 yrs. Coming from a family of railroad employees, milwaukee road, chicago northwestern and union pacific, i have loved seeing the trains go through. Some time ago, a train derailed and was all over the place. It damaged trees and property. The workers rebuilt the tracks and hill removing tress and other filtering things. Since it was rebuilt, they are running trains non stop with sometimes 4 or 5 engines, with constant screeching, causing the trailer to rock back and forth, knocking personal items off shelves, damaging them and ruining their antique value. It also has caused my hanging lamp of 15 years to crash to the floor and break. I have called public relations in butler wi numerous times to no avail. It is ridiculous after all these years that the train is causing such problem for the mobile home people with multiple trains back and forth, screeching and shaking of trailers.. I do have pictures if needed...

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