UniFirst CorporationI am an employee

Er Oct 09, 2019

I started working for unifirst almost 3 months ago I am a diabetic they are aware of this at time of hire I load and unload trucks as I do so I move the trucks around in the parking lot well on the 6th of September I was involved in a accident that's being investigated because I say I didn't hit them and they say I did so an investigation was opened a police officer went to my work at lunch I told Gabe what was going on and they were going to go look at my car BIG mistake investigator goes and leaves then that same day I get pulled aside by Gabe and Tony and they tell me that unfortunately we're going to have to move you to soil receiving because of your diabetes we're afraid you will hit someone or hurt someone. This is so unfair now I'm being discriminated on everyone at this unifirst are good friends so when I call HR they tell me she's busy and if I want to talk to Gabe no I don't want to talk to him I want my old job back he said I'm a good worker and that this came from corporate and either I take that job or he's going to have to let me go.

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