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I subscribed for free 30 days trial on the website I started to build webpage with the help of this website and everything was fine, but once I checked my account, it turned out that they started to charge me for this trial. It was too early, so I immediately found their contact info and started to send emails. No one replied, and i have no idea how to stop these charges. Please, maybe someone can help me.

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Jul 14, 2014 11:15 pm EDT
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Hi Dicus54!

Sorry to hear you've been charged, despite the fact you downgraded! I'm Lou, and I'm the Customer Success Manager here at Unbounce.

Rest assured, we're happy to issue a refund. Can you please send your login email to support[AT]unbounce[DOT]com? Once we have this info we'll be able to dig in and issue you a refund.

Thanks so much!