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CB Dating Services Review of Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency/ UFMA
Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency/ UFMA

Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency/ UFMA review: No assistance regarding a profile who promised to share her contact.

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2:03 pm EST
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I am sad to fill this complain about Sergey and his company UFMA. I believed until today that I could trust him and that Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency could change my life for the best.

I requested several times to Sergey from UFMA if I would be able to access to the personal from a woman. I even mentioned the war and the problems to plan a trip to Ukraine. So I tried to be sure that I wouldn't start a remote relation for nothing and that UFMA could assist me to succeed finding my perfect partner. He answered twice that it would be possible after a first meeting or a Skype conversation to share contacts.

In October 2024 the Lady called Rita contacted me for the first time. I was surprise as she is probably the most gorgeous woman from UFMA. We started to exchange messages and she sent me a shower of wonderful pictures. The letters were very personal, asking me interesting questions about my personality and my life in general. In December 2024 I decided that it was times to move forward so I proposed to Rita a Skype video for Christmas and it would me a prefect gift for me. She refused as she was far from a UFMA office but offered a Skype call instead. I was not very happy and Sergey advised me to watch her video made in 2014 on YouTube. So I have been waiting for 1 month as his agency was very busy and we finally had a Skype call in January. Rita agreed at the end of the call to share contacts. Sergey instructed me to send her a message on his website to give my number and my email 2 weeks ago. One week later I requested to Sergey some assistance as Rita never gave me her contact neither used mine to reach me. He promised me he would talk with her about it. This weekend I send again a WhatsApp message to Sergey and no more answer. I spent a total of 86,06 euros with this agency.

Claimed loss: 86,06 euros

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Update by Frenchy2024
Feb 14, 2024 8:46 am EST

Good morning.

I am sad to fill this complain about UFMA. In 2022 I requested for the first time to UFMA if I could request a personal contact from a woman because it was not possible to fly to Ukraine due to the war and I wanted to be sure that I wouldn't start a remote relation with no happy ending and possible real meeting. Sergey replied ma and said it was possible to get it during a Skype conversation. In October 2023 the lady Rita contacted me for the first time and I was surprised as she is probably one of the most gorgeous woman of this dating website. We started to write each other with very personal letters and showers of beautiful pictures. In December 2023 I wanted to move forward and I proposed to Rita a Skype video call. She refused as she was far way from one UFMA office. I was sad as it was a first red flag no able seeing on online the woman but Sergey advised to watch her video on YouTube made 5 years ago. Second red flag most of the woman have a profile for more than 4 years. How so many beautiful women keep available online for years and years. But I followed Rita proposition to have a voice Skype conversion. Sergey reassured me that I could ask her personal contact during the call. I waited because UFMA were busy for holidays and I January 2024 Sergey contacted me back to plan a Skype call. At the end of the 30 minutes conversion translated by Sergey I asked Rita to share contacts and she agreed. Sergey instructed me to send her a message on his website. The 7th February confirmed he has passed my contact to her, she also confirmed on UFMA website that she got my number and she send me big kisses without giving her phone or any personal contact. UFMA team answered me to my assistance request that they will talk to her twice. Yesterday Sergey refused my refund request and wrote they don't guarantee that a woman will provide contacts even if twice they told me something else. So to resume I lost 86.06 euros and the women never contacted me and what a got it's plenty of promoting to buy gifts, vitamines, credits for pictures for all the special events…I am sad today about the lack of real assistance and the lack of transparency.

Update by Frenchy2024
Feb 15, 2024 7:06 am EST

Sergey replied to my refund request:

"hey, I will make sure to put you in the blacklist of the marriage

agencies, so you can't waste anyone's more time.

You are a cheap man and you can never find a woman in Ukraine, maybe

some old crazy donkey can become your wife, you should try that."

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