Resolved Uk ChatterboxBeing Bounced for responding to unpleasant chatroom offender

I would like to make you aware of the incident that I encountered when I was in a UK based chatroom.

UK Chatterbox.

On one day I was speaking to another member who was asian like me when we got spoken to offensively by a rude member who was very racist.

We were all bounced from the room.

I am sad to know that poor service still exists in the world where racism suggests that you are al guilty even when you are being the souce of offence.

I spoke to the room moderator who goes by the alias Jackal.

Whose said hed be lifting bans the following day but no response but didnt after four previous emails.

Below are some emails to Jackal...

From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Subject: RE: Being Bounced for responding to unpleasant chatroom offender
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 18:35:10 +0000

Hi there,

I’m not currently intending to remove the ban so I feel you have no choice but to contact the authorities you speak of.

If you can notify me of the users new alias I’ll gladly remove them again.



UKCB Security & Network/Technical Administrator

From: john gee [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: 12 February 2010 17:56
To: [protected]
Subject: RE: Being Bounced for responding to unpleasant chatroom offender

Dear Sir or Madam,

With great displeasure I am writing to you to try to rectify what was done when I was suspended from a chatroom unfairly.

Plesae note if you fail to this email as it is my fourth attempt wihout a reply I will have no other option but to notify the commision of this poor service.

I was dejected from a chatroom for not allowing some racist chatroom person get his kicks when me and anothert member were talking civily about asian food when he rudely said, ' Is there anyone 100% english' this was followed by a poor line of racist comments to try and make us feel dumb. So sad was the mentality of this member and his narrow minded commentary.

However after being removed from the room he was still present under a different alias in another room.

I am still unable to login as you have not reinstated the account I have sent foour emails.

The matter isnot to do with being a follower of uk chatroom but on a form of principle I am very sad to know I have been ignored.

Upon this occasion if I do not receive a valid response, I will have no other option but to inform the complaints commision for racism and authorities who deal with poor running of an low quality Internet chat services.

I hope this is not misinforming I just want a reply from you stating why my account is still suspended.

With Regards,

From: [protected]
To: [protected]
Subject: RE: Being Bounced for responding to unpleasant chatroom offender
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 00:42:09 +0000

Hi there,

This user was also removed – everyone involved was banned for disruption of the flow of the chat room.

I will be removing various bans tomorrow.



UKCB Security & Network/Technical Administrator

From: john gee [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: 04 February 2010 00:40
To: [protected]
Subject: Being Bounced for responding to unpleasant chatroom offender


I have a serious matter to bring to your attention.

I today was chatting in the manchester room when I met an asian person who was talking to me about asian food in his local vacinity of Bradford.

Until some rude user under the name of Deano_1 or something rudely stated is there anyone 100% english who can talk to me.

Anyhow this person persisted with his racism and some unpleasant words came from him.

Eventually we got bounced by Jackal.

I think this is very unfair.

He kept saying go back to where you came from.

But how come we get bounced?

I hope you look into this matter.

my chatterbox usert id:


Thank You and I hope to hear from you asap.


  • To
    tootsie1968 Mar 02, 2010

    You won't get any joy from Jackal. He's an airhole of the first water.

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  • Xx
    xxnickie28xx Mar 02, 2010

    i jolly well agree with you there what!!!

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  • It
    itsonlymenotyou Apr 12, 2010

    i am madly in love with a Paulita Maxwell and even though she despises me i will love her forever!!

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  • Ju
    judasboogie Jan 31, 2013

    he isnt as bad as systemshocks, that guy is a total nonce. He has millions of chat names and tells lie upon lie upon lie. I think he is mentally ill in all fairness.

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  • Ge
    Geraint_Lee Apr 12, 2013

    ukchatterbox was a site run by two Indian brothers whose sole aim in life was to become King of the Chavs and perhaps score some hot redneck pussy in the process. I don't know if they ever succeeded but according to Google the room got hacked so I guess they never succeeded. People, ordinary people, cannot run jackshit. This is proven by UKCB and just about every other chatroom out there. It's mainly - I said mainly - ### that visit chatrooms and moderators see right / wrong as being whatever 90% of the scummy patrons feel is right / wrong. Hence, you will find bullying, racism, loony housewives and depraved Jimmy Saville silver surfers ruling the roost in places like these. Chatrooms are dead now, back to reality for us all. We have a recession to bust our way out of.

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  • Te
    Texas65 May 18, 2013

    Wasn't that Systemshocks nae seeing that Accidentalbaby quine ? Heard she was like a fly round crap wi him! Personally i thought he looked like Peter Sutcliffe!!!

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  • De
    deano1988 May 19, 2013

    Shes been round the whole room ROFL.

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  • Na
    naturally.born.psychic May 25, 2013

    I wld lke to say i wasn't much of a fan of chat. I had too many admirers. A lot of men were put off by my looks and charm. I am single FOR A REASON!! I adore cats. To date i have had over two hundred kittens. All of which were well looked after. Im VERY aware+i know everything about heaven and hell . Um i need to have a ### and wine. Maybe my friends have boyfriends i would like to hook up with.

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  • Ma
    markymark83 May 30, 2013

    Haha insane. Accidentalbaby mmmmmm. Tasty. Been done tshirt .

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  • Th
    The welly painter Dec 18, 2013

    Woah names from the past!! I remember the good old days in UK Chatterbox. Was a good laugh. A few bitter evil alcoholics later "returned" and it all went to pot after that. I remember Suze and her autistic side-kick live in boyfreak. *shakes head laughing.

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