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TUCS - Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai / LPG Supply review: Poor response from the vendor

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I am getting LPG cylinders from TUCS, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai who is the dealer for Indianoil Corporation Limited, Chennai. I do not get the cylinder unless other wise I remind the dealer atleast for 5 times. I get the cylinder only after 20 days that too only after reminding. Last time ( September 22nd) the bearer will not give bill ( receipt ) and demand Rs 320/- !. Last time when my younger daughter was alone at home, he had demanded money from her and then only gave the LPG cylinder. The response from the shop is also very very poor. You will not be treated as a customer in this shop. If anybody wants to book any new connection from this please AVOID!

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Jun 25, 2011 4:32 pm EDT

This is June 2011, still situation is the same. :-(

Jun 16, 2011 6:31 am EDT
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Recently our agency in Adyar was shut down due to some fraud complaint. Our customer id was transfered to TUCS. We booked 4 weeks back and have not heard back from them. We have been trying to call their telephone numbers to no avail. Looking at the list of complaints on the site we tend to agree. IOCL should have an easier way of gas distribution and should take ownership to ensure their dealers are consumer friendly.

Dec 23, 2009 5:06 am EST

I am trying to call TUCS Thiruvanmiyur to book my Indane domestic LPGas refill since three days. The numbers [protected], [protected] and [protected] are all disconnected permanently, it appears .
The last time I had similar problem was 8 months ago. That time a gentleman from TUCS came in an autorickshaw and delivered the cylinder personally expressing apologies.
Hope the situation is not the same this time also. If there is a problem why can't they let the consumers get a mechanised reply that TUCS is not able to supply due to some trouble. Taking the phone receiver off the hook permanently is a very uncouth method in a city like Chennai. Consumers are not blackmarketers. TUCS should know that.
Any way I wish to have my LPG gas refill at the earliest. My Consumer no is 2831. Take this as the booking date. IOCL should wake up and take some action on this kind of distributors.Are you listening IOCL?

Nov 22, 2007 8:14 pm EST

I totally agree with your comments, I face terrible difficulties to book for a cylinder at TUCS (Thiruvanmiyur) Firstly majority of the time their telephone number does not work. Secondly even if you book they take their own time to deliver. Some times if nobody is there at home they do not re deliver the cylinder rather sell it to someone else on black and I will have to wait for nearly 2 months to get a cylinder. Even after personnel visits to their office there does not seem to be any response. The most unfortunate thing I have complained this to IOCL and still no response.