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I ordered 1 quantity of Complete Garcinia on August 16th @ €4.95 & to my surprise another arrived in October - both without any accompanying documentation.

I did not sign up for anything but the 1st quantity.

I now see on my credit card bill that I was charged €103.95 by the above company in September & I am informed by my bank that I was charged a further €103.95 in October.

In fact on checking a previous credit card bill I see that I overlooked a payment for €99 on the 29th August. I was diagnosed with a serious heart condition around this time, so therefore was not a vigilant as normal.

I have canceled any further payments with my bank.

I would now like to request repayment of the above 3 payments which I never authorised ie €306.90.

I would appreciate your immediate attention to this very upsetting development.

Thanking you,

Noreen Keane
Co. Wicklow.


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      Feb 08, 2018

    Hi Noreen Keane,
    My name is Sean Taniane and I am from Co. Galway.
    The exact same thing happened to me, with the exception that I only signed up for a "Free Sample", and my Bank Account was debited for the exact same amounts you have mentioned above. I am now having great difficulty in retrieving my money from Open24 as I am with permanent tsb Bank.
    My Email Address is and I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know how you got on with your Bank in recovering your money.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Sean Taniane.

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