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Trusteam Construction in Vancouver is owned by Tom. He is a builder who hires third parties that do contract work for him. The houses he build in Vancouver completely lack quality and safety. He uses the cheapest materials and spends the longest time possible. My contract states that the house will be completed in one year, but it was 1.5 years overdue.

There are several defects in my house. He does not follow proper procedure or installation processes, and neither do the contractors. He hires people who do not have licenses and cannot install things correctly. The house flooded while under construction. The hot water system doesn't work (more than one occurrence). All the tiles and outlets are crooked, and so on.

We have to hire third parties to repair the defective work, while the damage is sometimes irreversible. He always makes excuses saying he's too busy to look into the house, while taking lengthy vacations to Alberta for weeks and months at a time. He is lazy, untrustworthy, and he should have his business license revoked.


  • Ai
    AimeeCHAN Sep 29, 2015

    Had the same builder. Had the same issues. Cannot trust Tom!

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  • He
    Heather Tarias Feb 21, 2020

    Anyone who has dealt with Tom please call Alberta Process at 403 251 1612. Monday to Friday 10:00 to 3:00 p.m. Thank-you

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