Troy Warrenbringing gas and grocery scam back

A Sep 13, 2019 Review updated:

You may want to give a listen to my podcast.
Troy Warren is a career internet scammer.
He wheels and deals to get millionaire's money to live on and promises to give back the moon and stars. He is opening up what is going to be the largest Ponsi scam pyramid scheme whatever you need to call it.
My link to my podcast is below. Please stop him before he has the chance to go any further. He's ruined me and a ton of others.
He owes me 2k

Amy Cross
Radio Personality

  • Updated by Amie Cross · Nov 12, 2019

    Unfortunately he will never be stopped. I am now back in Phoenix after leaving my house in Yuma.
    things kinda suck he owes me 2500.

  • Updated by Amie Cross · Dec 10, 2019

    There are reports that have been made to the FTC and the more reports on him the better

  • Updated by Amie Cross · Dec 10, 2019

    Yes, Troy is the biggest scam artist since the internet began, we need to stop him, the authorities have been notified but have done nothing to stop him. Everyone he has ripped off needs to file a claim with the Arizona Attorney Generals office, together we may be able to get them to investigate him. I'm sure if it is only me complaining to them they consider it an isolated event. But if 20-30 people complain to them, they have to listen. Please join me now and send your claim to the Arizona Attorney General and give yourself a Merry Christmas, you will feel exhilarated when you do. He tried to destroy my reputation in this area, he almost succeeded. It has taken me over a year to recover. Also, his mother is Sharon Warren his mother is blinded by his lies as well, which is why she supports him faithfully, sadly, she believes his lies about how everyone is always out to get him. When in truth he is the one out to take advantage of the world. I also believe his wife has been lied to constantly and supports his actions because he only tells her what he wants her to know. He is very clever and manipulative. He has nearly bankrupt my sisters good friend, Gary, that she brought to Troy to invest in the company. All Troy did was lie to Gary and all of his rich friends just so Troy could get their money. He has never paid back a dime to them.

  • Updated by Amie Cross · Jan 05, 2020

    Beware he's at it AGAIN !!!
    This MF needs to be stopped 😡😤😤


  • Tr
    trevordavidc Nov 12, 2019

    I listened to the whole thing. He got me too. I was the web developer for about 6 weeks before I caught on. Trevor Cates, Queen Creek, AZ

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    d alexander Dec 10, 2019

    And Yes that scam artist got me also. Owes my wife and I over $65, 000 This punk needs to be stopped! Why on earth the authorities have not picked him up yet for a very long time in Jail... There are about 30 others I know that this looser Troy Warren still has not paid. Also do not be fooled by his mother Karen who is also involved in this scam but she remains behind the scenes. What a disgraceful family and we all know every dog does have his day...hope his ends in Jail.

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  • Am
    Amie Cross Dec 10, 2019

    @d alexander Report him to the FTC I have along with at least 25% of the people that were involved with infotainment talk he is an ass hole career criminal and his investors are all in on it too.
    who in their right mind is not going to believe me???? the investors are still giving him money. its pissing me off

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  • Hi
    Historyinthemaking Jan 02, 2020

    Troy Warren has scammed many people and owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to people. People have judgements against him and his businesses ( which he keeps changing).

    Search for “Troy Warren” or “Troy Spencer Warren” on Google to learn more about this fake POS and the court orders, judgments and lawsuits he has been involved in.

    He has lived in Arizona, rented buildings, houses and ditched without paying bills.

    If anyone is unfortunate to come across him I hope they do their due diligence and find these posts; it will hopefully open their eyes and protect them from the crook that he is.

    Over the past 14 + years he has had many, many business failings.

    This is how he operates. He buys a domain name, starts a business, advertises for sales, graphic designers and software developers. Promises them the earth they put thousands of hours of their own time in; sometimes quitting their full time jobs then never gets it off the ground. He moves on to the next business. Meanwhile ex employees and sales people are getting screwed over.

    I’m pretty sure he blames all his failures to the people that have invested their time and money into his pyramid schemes. His Mommy probably thinks he is the good guy. I wonder how long it going to be before his family catch on and turn his ass in.

    His next / again business in the works is gas and grocery certificates. He already has the domain with some images on his site. This is also a pyramid scheme and relies on people paying money for the certificate then paying out less than he brought in and relying on breakage. Look the term up, it’s how retailers make money on gift cards that never get used.

    To get a business going he asks for people to buy into sales positions and giving them a protected territory. These sales people are asked to recruit other sales people and sell products and services that don’t yet exist but promising big pay offs if they get in now. People invest thousands of dollars but all he does is live a lush lifestyle. When people ask when are things going to happen he gets defensive.

    There are 2 multi-millionaires out there in 2019 that he played with. One a VERY big TV personality and a VERY big radio personality. Troy Warren used their names to tell people that they were in on the business but soon down the road after people gave him money the hype went soft and people again lost money.

    I feel bad for all the ex employees that were screwed over by this scum bag. He will eventually get caught, face trial and probably end up
    behind bars. Justice will then be served.

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  • Je
    Jeff Kothe Jan 07, 2020

    Troy Warren is the lowest of the low! He "hired" over a dozen people who desperately needed work and made promise after promise of payment (including worthless coins he said would be valued at over $2, 000, 000 for each of us!). He owes me over $6000 in wages, incentives and promises without the value of these mysterious coins, which would put the total in excess of $3, 000, 000. The time I lost sitting in his conference room listening to his BS is what angers me. I could have been out making a living.
    The following is an excerpt from the document I received explaining how rich I was to become in the coming weeks. (I have all of this in writing from Troy Warren, waiting for Redemption Day)

    From: "Troy Warren" Date: January 25, 2018 at 11:11:04 PM MST To: "Jeff Kothe"
    Subject: [Dining Out VIP] Momentous Day For The Company Jeff

    Hi Jeff,
    OFFICIALLY today our Dining Out Coin has issued 20 Billion coins on the Exchange Rewards platform Signed, sealed and delivered. The initial par value is 10 cents each. During the next few weeks things will be VERY ACTIVE. The exchange is going through rigorous testing and then we are on to the next exciting steps. There is quite a journey ahead in building out our restaurant partner program...

    Karma is a bitch, Troy Warren! An absolute BITCH! - Jeff Kothe, Mesa, AZ

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    Reportthescammer Jan 20, 2020

    I see that Troy Warren has started a new venture. Hold onto your wallets or this crook will steal your money.

    If you search the phone number 619-881-8883 you will get a bunch of results that are related to Infotainment Talk Radio and many results from the following websites.

    Dog walking and dog products

    These are all sites related to Troy Warren. He is out there again trying to scam money out of people.

    He has also put out a lot of press releases with the name Charlet C. Sterling. There is no such person. If you try to email the person in the press release or call the number you get Troy Warren.


    I’ve heard he has been through some Web developers and never paid them. This is a common theme.

    Also watch for the name Ellen Britt. She is also associated with Troy Warren and pushing his agenda.

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  • Re
    Reportthescammer Jan 24, 2020

    This is Troy Warren from the past and he is now up to no good again. His woof cards will work the same as the Ponzi scheme he had going before.

    I’m sure these cards will ring a bell but under a different name.

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  • Re
    Reportthescammer Jan 24, 2020

    Troy Warren is associated with this.

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