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resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Trilogics intervest global liveComputer software

What a joke, $26, 000 for crap that does not work, Matthew whyatt we are coming for you.
Shameless lies from shameless people who just rip you off.
How can you sleep at night.

Calling all Auzzies and Kiwis, don, t buy crap.


  • An
    Angelo2015 Feb 22, 2015


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  • Rm
    R Mandy Jan 15, 2015

    I was about to sign into this and pay the $ 8, 680. Anthony (from NZ I think) was very adept and very convincing in presenting the whole scheme. You will almost fall for it. After getting advice from the right quarters and looking into all these complaints, I must say, that I should thank my stars. I will never ever put in my hard earned money into any of these scams. Thanks to all of those who have put in here their experiences.

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  • Ma
    mav3rick Oct 08, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry to hear about your losses guys. I was going to invest in this as well, until I bumped into all these complaints. I wonder if Rochelle's comments above are really true and if she is making 750 pw. Sounds too good to be true. I wouldn't be going ahead and wasting my hard earned money.

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  • Tr
    TrilogicScam Sep 16, 2014

    This scammer is still in business to this day. I tried to take them to tribunal to get a refund and the judge made a deceision in there favour. Now its all over the ACCC website stupid Australian justic system. They talk about Nigerian scams, the scammers are in Australia tell them to clean up there own backyard. According to his Facebook site his living Bali living the high life off peoples hard earned.

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  • Li
    LizzieBor Oct 10, 2013

    This Mark Brewer guy sounds like a real handful. I think he's now a wedding photographer running a company called Phoenix Photos and he lost a couple's wedding photos! The whole set of discs were lost and he's refusing to refund.
    I hope this isn't the same Mark Brewer.

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  • Jg
    jgavan Jan 11, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    try something that works and does not cost you anything to start: where you can make 2% per day compounding and growing each day, and you get a little money to start so you dont have to risk any of your own hard earned cash before you see for yourself it all works. All the training is free and internet based so you can do it anytime convenient to yourseIf. the maximum that you are allowed to invest is $3, 000 so proof this home business is not a scam (if it was a scam they would let you put in $30k then take your money?) I was looking to invest some of the piles of money i have been making into something else so i'm glad i found this site before i wasted my money. Sorry to hear about your losses so now its time to move on with something that works: I am happy to chat with anyone who wants more info on [protected] in Australia. cheers, Joe

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  • Ro
    Rochellejones Dec 12, 2012

    Hi Sakshi, we have been using this for 6 months plus my husband and I are doing okay with it averaging about 750 a week returns, email me on [email protected]

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  • Sa
    Sahuja Nov 25, 2012

    Hi evrybody,

    I am a victim of ONLINE VIRTUAL. I have paid them NZ $6200. I have been testing it for past 6 months but no profit, it's always in loss. Please please please help if there is anyway I can get my money out of these scammers. my email address is [email protected]

    Please help...

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  • Sa
    Sahuja Nov 25, 2012

    Hi everybody,
    I need your help. I am already in this trap. I bought the software from Online Virtual. Made them a part payment which was NZ $6200 . It's not fetching anything. Please guide me how can I get my money out of these scammers. I have been running their system for past 6 months, also maintained an excel sheet with all the details of the bets that system used to make. Still they don't get back to you on phones. Please Please help on how can I get my money out of them.

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  • Te
    tearawai Sep 07, 2012

    Hi. I finished 8 weeks training last week and i began live trading on wednesday. I'll keep you all posted on how i get on. Anyway, my expectations to make big bucks isnt great. i just need to top up my superannuation to buy those little extras. So i will be very conservative about which races i would pick and which ones i wont. My aim is to bet only on the strongest races and no bets on the rest even if the software guidelines show a race is tradeable. This can mean that i could have no bets on a day and thats fine with me. This approach should reduce the risk of losing. It has worked for me so far during training even during this recent winter when the tracks have been bad and results have not been good. Anyway good news is that on wednesday the second race was a strong tradeable trifecta and i collected $524. My policy is to manage a daily limit of up to $500. That was my limit and i stopped for the day. On thursday i chose 2 tradeable races and won $121.00 for both. Today i did not trade cos the races were iffy although many were tradeable. I'm sorry many of you have not been able to work the software but i will let you know if my approach and policies work.
    John Porirua NZ

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  • Zo
    Zorana May 21, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi everyone,

    After finding the Trilogics advertisement in the NZ 'Franchise' magazine I rang their number and the online presentation was organised and I liked what it was promising. I was seriously considering, very seriously indeed, to purchase Trilogics software but after a short research I stumbled across this forum, so I changed my mind instantly. So many people ripped off...honestly I am gutted about it...i know how I would feel. However, in matter of days after my enquiry about Trilogics I was contacted by the company named 'Online Virtual' with the explanation that I filled the online enquiry form regarding home based business, which I don't remember least not recently. Anyways...they are also offering racing software but for 'measly' AU$9680. They also claim that their system is fully automated with stop loss in nothing to worry about...apparently. I tried to look them up on the net but nothing is coming up, so I am wandering if anyone have even heard of them, any experiences or suggestions are welcomed.


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  • Ca
    Carl Houser Mar 10, 2012

    Hi to all who are considering buying the Trilogs betting software. I bought the software in 2009 after I lost my job. I bought a Franchise magazine at the time and Trilogics were advertising in the magazine..eventhough it isn't a franchise.
    They use "experienced" users and pay them to show prospective customers their software.
    I did the training and started betting live. This was the start of the most stressfull and unhappiest time of my life. I was lied to by the office and the demonstrators and even the trainers who claimed they conviced their family members to purchase the program and they were makeing money.
    My advice is to stay well clear of anything to do with horsebetting programs or anything that looks remotely like one.
    They are conmen and women and will con you out of your hard earned money...
    My advise is to google them and read the ACCC reports. If you see the Trilogics program advertised anywere call the ACCC.

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  • Ma
    Madmax111 Mar 03, 2012
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    Verified customer

    Yes. This program is a complet and utter rip off. You will lose your investment and any money you put into it.
    Do yourself a fovour and flush your dollars down the toilet. Mathew Wyatt is a liar and a thief and should be locked up for stealing money from hard working people who just want to get ahead. I hope he rots in HELL!!!

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  • B5
    B52 Jun 07, 2011
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    Verified customer

    My elderly parents have been using this Trilogics Hussle since Nov 2010 and are in the process of selling their home to recover the debt. Even now they blame the data, the TAB etc, etc. Its a scam stay away, spread the word.

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  • Ta
    Tania (Taranaki) May 25, 2011
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    Verified customer

    The date is 25th May 2011. I have just replied to an advertisement posted under jobs available. Don't remember the actual spiel but it was something harm in enquiring though aye. A man called Julian Price called me on the phone less than one hour later and said the business was called TriLogics. He then supplied me with several cheesy e-mails detailing the success of the program and for $26, 750AUD he would guarantee the program...or ...for $19, 750AUD you could still buy the program WITHOUT the guarantee. Lots of other blah blah too BUT now having jumped straight to the websites complaints...I'll definetly NOT be buying in to it. THANKS...Tania (Taranaki)

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  • Ch
    christianpoint Apr 20, 2011

    Im really saddened by all of you who have lost your money in this scam, im really sorry and i hope you will be able to move on from this and i understand that some of you who have lost alot will find it hard to recover your loss. I can't believe that the world has turned from bad to worse but all i know is that "what you do unto others will be done also unto you", for those scammers i hope they turn from their wrong before GOD takes control of the situation i am a christian and i believe that they should be afraid of GOD for man can only destroy the body but GOD destroys both the body and the spirit so they have to turn from their wicked ways and stop scamming.

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  • Mv
    mvp123 Apr 17, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey Leanne,

    I purchased the Tri Logics software in March 2007 and it has been a complete waste of time and money. I wish I never got involved with it. WORST DECISION AND WORST TIME OF MY LIFE. I was scammed. I invested 24k in to which is something I don't want to think about.

    When I brought it I was told I had to do retraining I think it took like 3 months even though I understood it after 3 weeks. They tried to say that why I wasn't making any money was because I wasn't following the training or procedures correctly. I never made any money ever. I only lost money.

    I recommend anyone not to buy any horse racing software. Anyone can win, there is no such thing as a prediction software. Weather conditions, racing location, class of horses, amount of runners doesn't make any difference, but they claim it does LOL. You pay 20k or more to buy the software and then lose MORE money to bet on what is just horses and dogs running around a race track which is just crazy.

    They also skim the information of the TAB website which anyone can do which makes the program useless and not worth anything. Anyone can get the information. If the programme was actually making heaps of money they would be doing it themselves but they try and sell it on to other people cause they know they can't make money of betting on horses.

    Since I brought it I have had other horse betting programmes ring me up all the time and trying to sell me their programme. "I WONDER HOW THEY MAGICALLY GOT MY NUMBER" then you goggle their name a couple of months later and their website is down and they have done a runner and have heaps of complaints about them in forums and posts.

    All I have to show for 24k is a programme with horse racing data on it from the TAB, ain't I lucky.

    If Tri Logics was a success why is their no one going on about how great it is only people saying how much they got scammed.

    If you want to put your hard earn money in to something invest it in property or government bonds. Something that's guaranteed. Or maybe go on a holiday. At least you will have something to show for it.

    There is no horse racing software programme that's going to make you money, it will only lose you money ! period.

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  • Eb
    eb6 Mar 10, 2011

    Hi Leanne,

    Thank you so much to you and all of the other people that have put comments. I was very tempted as it all sounds too good, but since having googled them I have read nothing good about that company at all.
    Thanks to you, I have still got my $33, 400 in my bank account and will never consider them as a business opportunity again!


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  • Ij
    ijh2 Feb 03, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Geez thanks for this information guys. I have been just been sent a Trilogics pack. Some of the comments have reassured me not to purchase it. So sori for those who have already purchsed the programme. However I will support any website that you guys create in the near future. Can they not be taken to Court and shut down so that this stops happening to people.

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  • Th
    the lies continue Nov 19, 2010

    They (trilogics intervest global live) have been charged by the AU goverment with false everything
    Read the report on the goverment website properly
    They are truely full of C****

    Shameless lies to your face.

    Dont give them anything.

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  • Gi
    GinaLanza Nov 08, 2010

    Hello Leanne,

    I have just come across this site and am happy to have found it and to know that I am not alone in this. I had bought the IGL program in 2006, with assurances that it was not a betting/gambling but a 'business' to earn a living from - and they kept calling me continuously. From this I should have heard alarm bells ringing!

    I paid thousands of dollars (practically all of my savings)! Money I definitely could NOT afford to lose, as I had no job and desperately looking for a way to MAKE money! After weeks of calling me and assuring me and in my financial desperation I bought the damn program!

    I ended up losing about $300 on bets and then stopped and just kept trying it out with no money but at the end of the day, there was always hundreds, even thousands of dollars LOST! IT DOES NOT WORK!! IT'S JUST DOWN RIGHT BETTING!! No strategies, no guarantee wins! It's a SCAM!

    Now whatever you are doing to try and get back our money, I will join in the fight! I would like to know if there is SOMETHING that can be done to get our money reimbursed?

    If you (and whoever else) want to contact me, please do so at [email protected] I would also like your telephone number so that we may speak. Thank you.


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  • Le
    leo71 Oct 28, 2010

    I have had the program for 8 years can show you the receipt, it works for me and I can name other successful users.

    There may be changes of company certificates but I can assure you in one form or another the company is some 10 years old and the program has been up dated several times over that period at no cost.

    Flowing the rules these days I can pick most winners before I commit money with the latest upgrade,

    I continue to get retraining 8 years later to keep up with changes.

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  • Ol
    old guy Sep 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They set me up with testimonials from "paid" people, put me in training for 30 hours a week, said I needed more and more and more training til 8 weeks went by and I disagreed, They suggested I needed a doctor, having a nrevous breakdown, they said. Just chill out, follow your trainers guidelines, do the work, it will come. No it won't. Then they introduce doubts, oh yeah !! that's their new ploy, suck you in, get your money, confuse you in training, create doubt, reduce expectations, piss you off, keep your money, Find someone new to con. I hope those hit men threats come true in the messiesy way. [censor], the lot of them. Disgruntled old guy, ripped off.

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  • Gr
    Grassy Aug 29, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Is there anyway known of getting a refund, I purchased this software a few years back however due to various circumstances have never gotten round to using it and now don't want to use it. I figured it's a product/service and you should be entitled to refund.

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  • Sc
    scam watcher loser Aug 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Okay enough is enough.
    Not only have we had to listen to this rubbish but now this used slick used car sales man type guy Stephen S who works for them he has the hide to tell us that when its raining its sunny
    How does anyone slide away from what they have voluntarily admitted as other wise they would have been prosecuted anyway as they had all the proof.
    They have to do so many things otherwise they are in even bigger trouble maybe even going to the clink if they don’t comply its all in the ruling

    Cut and paste it into your website browser
    I have read on this very interesting article and when also, you will see how rotten to the core these people are and how willing they are to try to continue to pull the wool over peoples eyes even in the face of being caught red handed with their hand in the cookie jar.
    This is absolutely outrageous
    The scam watch team

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  • Ma
    MAJOR LOSERS Jul 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer







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  • Wi
    winner 23 Jul 12, 2010

    all you people who cant win from trilogics need to take a long look at the way you are operating it. if you cant win you are doing it all wrong.
    you call it a scam it aint, it works if you do it correctley.
    go back to training, i guess you cant because you all told them where to go. in fact dont do that it might reduce our profits.
    you all should go and get a job selling pamphlets you might be succesful at that.

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  • To
    To the 2% of complainers May 17, 2010

    Seriously, How can anyone justify their complaints..just like the stats in the program, there are human behavioral stats that need to be considered also. None of you will learn at the same pace or the same way. Everyones time allowance and patience levels are different and of course, available funds at the time of the bets...You just..blame it on the software, it really just indicates too much time allocated to using the wrong part of your brain..get some thyroid pills, diversify, cheer the f**k up and try it again..properly this time!

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  • Ha
    hasta39 May 13, 2010

    Shameless reply’s from known scammers
    This mob is so slippery they invented the word greasy!
    They do not do any live trading with own money as you would see that it does not work
    All referrals are under strict instructions never to live trade and make excuses like "we have already made our money for the day" when you go round!
    Yea right what a load of dog’s bullocks
    All referrals are heavy paid at least $3000 (yes $3000) as otherwise why would they let a complete stranger into where they live?
    Are you stupid not to realize this?
    They rely on this as the point of making the sale
    We know this as we have been to see them and they admitted it to us because we knew them
    The reason they have unhappy customers is because it does not work not because they do not know how to run it properly.

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  • Th
    Thomas Bredman May 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very interesting reading this. I am looking at Trilogics from NZ and have been contacted by Mark Brewer in Auckland. He was upfront about the problems with Trilogics when asked. Sure there are unhappy people. I dug deeper and asked why they were unhappy.

    It seems the root cause of the issue is that people do not follow the system.

    I would believe this as human nature makes us take the course of least resistance. Discipline would come into it and I believe that most people just do not have that.

    I would love to hear from any one in New Zealand who has purchased this. My phone number is here so please call and leave a message with your contact number and I will get back to you and hear what you have to say. I want to get all the information before I do make a decision.


    Bay of Plenty
    (Will disclose which town on the phone)
    Ph + 64 [protected]

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  • Co
    command2118 Apr 08, 2010

    Just another thought for people that have been scammed - I am going to post names of people who purchased the product so they can be contacted. Who better to talk to than the buyer who was scammed

    Happy trading kung Fu man

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  • Co
    command2118 Apr 08, 2010

    Hey punters it is very SIMPLE you have been ripped by IGL/Trilogics. They pay people to sell the product for each sucessful purchasce and a telephone calls. 550 bucks per program is the cut...correct Matt you ar** hole. Videos on youtube, my god those people cant look you in the eye and say it makes money. The software is scimming off the TAB which is illegal and it does not make you money.


    P from NZ - you are in on it and we can prove it dude

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  • An
    Annie110099 Dec 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi so many unhappy people anyone want to sell their software program to me? Thanks Annie

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  • Mr
    Mr Nicholas Oct 11, 2009



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  • Mr
    Mr Nicholas Oct 11, 2009

    Your right, this company is a rip off, my mother brought the software many years ago but my mum didnt have the patience to use it so it was only last year i started to use it, After i took the full traiing i paper traded for 2 months and during this time i lost more than i won. The results they put on their site is not true because it didnt match with mine. I would say on average i would lose 2-3 games and win 1. Im going to put video blogs on the internet about these guys to try and ruin them because they have refused a refund so they will pay for this.

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  • To
    Tony 609 Oct 07, 2009

    Its plain to see that you work for them and this just reinforces the many comments everywhere that they moniter and paste false rubbish.

    If you had been too see them you could not have done live events as they refused to do so when we were struggling too do training with them

    We have done our money and just wish to prevent anyone else from being scammed by these Gold Coast Conmen

    All they do is back trade and constantly say "you need more training"

    This is the usual [censored]e from Matthew Whyatt and his shameless crew of losers.

    Give it up everyone knows what scam you are running

    You can only do training for so long

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  • Bi
    Billyboy18 Oct 01, 2009

    Hi I'm currently saving for the program! I've been investigating the software for about 4 months now. I've been reading these comments and from what I can see you lost money because haven't used it properly or B.Started with a trading account that was to small.

    At first look I must agree I thought it was a scam. but I figured there is no harm in looking. I've been into the office in south port. I met Matt Whyatt. I watched Matt running the software and it made money right before my eyes!

    I was sure there must have been a way they could dummy up the results. So I wrote down the race number and the winners they picked on 3 races that had not started. then I checked the race results later. 2 out of the 3 won and the won they miss ed was 1 horse wrong. If you double or triple your money 2 out of 3 times that equals profit. I've been watching the results since then and from what I see it's a great product. I've spoke to other people who run the software and they love it.

    I had a look at the TAB data feed as well and ask Matt about this. he never said anything about an agreement? It's available to anyone who wants it, it's called "live odds" the TAB website has details if anyone wants more info.

    From what I see you have to start with at least $3000 in your kitty in case your first month is a bad one. if you look at the results over the year you make profit. nowhere does it say you will make $50, 000 a month you make it slowly but surely.

    My advice to people is maybe have a look with your own eyes rather than finding facts on a blog that really could be written by anyone! Even IGL's opposition. (I'm not accusing anyone just making a point) . Take the time to visit the gold coast office, see it with your own eyes and do your own evaluation. I'm not saying go and buy it because I am but make sure you have facts before you make a decision. I don't think if Matt Whyatt would be splashing his face across the Internet and Magazines if he had some thing to hide.

    One more thing I don't understand the comment "...Fantastic Cash Flow Generating Software Program.' Which is an admission that your company is scamming people. You see, you should have said INCREDIBLE Cash Flow Generating Software Program. You should have said OUTSTANDING Cash Flow Generating Software Program. But you didn't. you used 'Fantastic Cash Flow Generating Software Program' and that is a dead giveaway to people in the United States that you are lying!"
    Why is he lying for saying Fantastic instead of incredible? please explain.

    Cheers Will

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  • Ma
    matth33 Jul 01, 2009

    Trilogics clients own words

    My name is Leanne Blyth and I am embarrassed to admit that I did buy a horse racing software program and no surprises - got ripped off

    I PAID $19 750 for the software, that has never worked.
    I LOST $23 000 in my first 18 months.
    If you have also bought Intervest Global or Intervest Live Horse Racing Software, please contact me.
    [email protected]

    I was seriously mislead when I was sold the program, the company Intervest Global were not upfront in providing information about the technical aspects of the program. I also did not receive any documentation, license or contract agreements.
    Simply an invoice and a how to load instruction sheet.
    I have been burnt, and now simply wish to share my story with others so as they too, don't get ripped off.

    My intention was never to be rich, I was simply looking for a work from home business, something that I could do a few hours a day, around my kids school hours.
    I have a fairly solid computer back ground and being able to work on my PC at home whilst the kids were at school was very appealing.

    I had no horse racing experience, I had never even been inside a TAB and the salesman assured me that I was the perfect customer as I was not a gambler!

    Don't be fooled, it is absolutely gambling.

    Aside from that, here are a few facts:

    The company I bought the software from was: INTERVEST GLOBAL or Intervest Global Live.



    * The program you buy, is actually software that skims the data from the TAB website.

    You, do not have any license agreement with the TAB to do this.

    In fact Intervest Global don't have a licence, or any written agreement to use this data either, and if you call the TAB, they will tell you that they do not approve any Third Party companies skimming their data.

    That is in fact what you have bought, a third party horse racing software that skims the data from the TAB and puts in on a data page, without any permission or contract to do so.

    To skim the data from the TAB website and put it into another format.

    This was the biggest shock to me. It would not have occured to me that a company that claims integrity, and considers themselves to be the best in the business, actually has no licence to take the data and transform it from the TAB. Intervest claim to have great working relationship with the TAB but in fact, the TAB owe them nothing and don't ever consult with Intervest Global regarding their horse racing software.



    * Intervest put stats up on the website stating the results of horse races and how much money they made.
    The better these results, the more Intervest Global Horse Racing software licences they sell!!
    So you bet they want them to look good.

    These results are not actual trading results, they actually collect the data and make their selections at the end of the day, or at the end of the week, -

    YES, they actually trade in hindsight, knowing who won! They have only recently placed the statement on the site saying that the results are not actually live, but they don't specifically state that they play in hindsight. They say the results are indicative of someone with a lot of experience using the data to make decisions.

    So how much do you think someone who has no experience, in there first year would make?

    Think how much they would lose!!

    LAST YEAR, INTERVEST GLOBAL LIVE ONLY Traded or 'WON' $40 389 for the year.
    THE YEAR BEFORE IT WAS IN THE $70 000 ..ish.
    Can't tell as they have taken the results down.

    So, the experts, making decisions knowing who won the race, only made $40 389 for the year!!
    The results have gone down for the last 3 years.
    Can you imagine how hard the trading was when you were actually playing live????

    I lost $18 000 in my first year. I should have stopped but only kept going as they assured me all I needed was more training, the tide would turn etc.
    There was always an excuse for the poor trade.



    * Over the last 18 months, the TAB has had problems with its website and the data flow.
    Their website was over 6 years old and could not cope with all the new traffic from internet betting etc.
    The Intervest Global Live horse racing software was also 6 years old and had gone through many, many add ons.

    Hence, Intervest skimming the data also had problems and there were many days or parts of days when the TAB site went down, and therefore, so did the ability to run the Intervest Global horse racing software. These are recorded as Data Corruptions.

    I bought the horse racing software in August 2005 and there were fairly major data corruptions then. In fact the TAB site crashed most Saturdays, which is the major trading ((or betting) day).

    When the TAB made some fixes, Intervest Global, then had to scurry around and fix their software to match the changes from the TAB. This happened continually over the year and then one day, the Intervest Global Live software which used to work on my PC actually stopped working and became unusable. Once again the blame was put on my 1 year old computer, they were adamant that it was not the software. I then had to go and buy another laptop to try and get the software to work. I know of another lady in Canberra who also had this problem and was not able to use the software for months.

    No explanation or compensation from Intervest Global Live.

    There were so many problems with the TAB website, that they completely rebuilt their site in 2006.
    They did so without any prior notice to Intervest Global.
    Why should they notify Intervest Global - Intervest Global have absolutely NO CONTRACT or agreement with the TAB.

    Intervest Global had to completely re write their whole software program to try and get around the new restrictions and securities in the new TAB data flow.

    In November 2006, Intervest Global was unusable for WEEKS!

    The launch of the new software called Trilogics, still has timing issues and the upgrades continue to come.
    I was continually questioning race decisions and there were absolute discrepancies at the 1 minute mark of data flow. As races are evaluated at the 1 min mark, this was crucial as to whether you went in a race or not.
    Intervest were not so bothered about this problem as they don't make live decisions at the 1 minute mark, in fact they weren't bothered by the data flow problems as they don't actually trade themselves, they just collect the data.





    So our problems were not being experienced by Intervest Global Live as they actually don't trade live.

    There main concern was the profitability of races and many of the end users were expressing concerns about this.

    The fact is that Intervest Global Live continue to sell more licences for the programs. So if there are 500 users, playing on a Saturday, and we all go in the same race, the $prize pool is divided amongst the 500 who are trading.

    As Intervest continue to sell more programs, then there are say 800 people trading on the same day on the same race. So the $prize pool is now divided among the 800.
    Over the past 6 years, Intervest are now cannibalising themselves!



    A long time user of the software and the guy who showed me the program originally, is no longer using or recommending the service as he has no faith in the data.
    He was one of the original guys and is now saying NO WAY!

    I spoke with another long term user in SA, only to find that he hadn't really used the software for months, he was busy doing other things.
    So, the long term users are drifting away.

    If you wish to chat to me further about Intervest Global Horse Racing software,
    feel free to email me.
    [email protected]

    May 2007
    Hi Leanne my name is S and I have received your email address from a fellow IGL user by the name of N who has been in contact with you. I have heard that you are taking some action against Intervest and I would like to give you my story, as I feel it may be similar to yours.

    I purchased the program late in 2005 and underwent the training. At the begining of 2006 I attempted to use the program with limited capital and lost around $1000. I then returned to full time work again for around 6 or 7 months when I left work to use the program full time. I underwent the training again and over a period of around 3 months I slowly lost another $3000. I felt that I was just having a bad run or doing something wrong but when I continued to contact my trainer he told me I was making good decisions, based on their training, and to keep doing what I was doing. I then began to search the Internet and found a few forums all of which said to stay away from IGL. There was a great deal of negative feedback in these forums so I decided to start a private users group, which by invite only. We now have around 5 members and to the best of my knowledge, none of us have made a cent using this program. I don't think I want to risk another attempt at making a living from this program as, the time I took off work without pay very nearly sent me bankrupt. In fact I am still digging myself out of the financial hole that I am in due to going so long without a full time income.

    I read an email in which you said most people drift away after loosing their money and I guess this is exactly what I am in the process of doing. I would be very interested in getting my money back, or at least some money, if possible but I was unsure if I would be able to. I would be keen to chat with you about the action you have taken to try to get your money back for yourself and also other clients that were also mislead by IGL. I am sure there will be a few of us that would join your fight. I would be happy to talk to you over the phone and if you like I will post a message in our user group to see if anyone else is keen join in.

    Feb 2007
    Hi Leanne,

    I saw your post on interest. I also bought it around this time last year. I stopped using it after I lost my initial $2000 tab account, but I bought the software for $24750.

    These guys are absolute ###. I've seen some people trying to sell their copies on ebay for around $10000 to $15000. I don't know if there's any way to recoup our loss.

    I guess we just have to try and move on after this setback.

    Hope to hear from you,



    4 May 2007
    Hi Leanne,
    My name is L and I live in New Zealand.
    After lengthy discussions, live demonstrations and more condsiderations I purchased the Trilogics 'business opportunity'...Ppphhh! Silly me!!

    I started training mid November, and I was told by the Salesman I would be trading 'live' by Christmas... Well, the training took till end of January, and then I was told to continue 'paper-trading' for 3 more weeks, although I had already done this for 4 weeks...
    When I started trading live in mid February, the system was losing ALL the time...! Yes, you are right, the results/selections showing on their web-site are heavily manipulated/slanted to make them look better...

    After I lost several thousands, I stopped live trading and I am just gathering the data now, to prove that the results they are showing are manipulated, and that IGL are deceiving people...
    Another issue is the fact that we have no self-determination over 'our' business whatsoever... Every day you have to re-register to be able to use your 'own' business...!!! And if they are not there, or their server is not working...well, then you have NOTHING...
    Like last weekend, when they moved premises...

    Basically, it is like buying a car without getting the keys...and having to collect the keys every day. And if you can't get the keys one day...well, 'your' car is going nowhere...
    I did not know that the Auss TAB is basically unhappy with IGL doing this...In fact during the initial sales-spiel prior to me purchasing it, the salesman claimed that they had a 'deal' or agreement with the TAB to do this...??!! Can you tell me more about this??
    I got your letter from another IGL user...Is there a wb-site about this?
    Anyway, I would love to hear from you. Also perhaps to exchange ideas and consider ways to do something...
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards,

    4th May 2007
    Hello Leanne
    Had a quick e-mail from a friend suggesting you wanted to hear from
    people who were unhappy with the IGL program.

    I spent $19, 750 on my program and when I couldn't earn any money just got
    the big run around.


    March 2007

    Hi Leanne, i have been looking at a couple of horse racing betting systems, and the opposition of intervest global live emailed me your article. It makes for interesting reading and most certainly i will scrap them from my thinking.

    Thankyou for putting your article on the net and warning people of this very dubious company.

    the other company is Technology 21 have you had any dealings with them, or know of anyone who has.

    Iwould appreciate any feedback .

    Thankyou for taking the time to read this email even though you dont know me.

    my email




    Hello Leanne,

    I have received the attached file from a company called Technology 21 who pursue a horse racing software.

    I myself along with 2 others have gone for the IGL software and to be honest the results are way down in the red. Needless to say me and my partners are not happy with the product. However, the deed is done.

    Since you have taken the trouble to put this down, do you know of any other software that works and is genuine?


    Kind Regards


    Hello Leanne

    You don't know me but I have seen where you have had dealings with the above Co.

    I have been looking at them all but have been warned off IGL and wondered if you would care to tell me of your experience and why it did not work for you.

    Also have you looked at any of the others out there ?

    Look forward to your reply



    Hello Leanne,
    I just read your post and i am deeply sorry this has happened to you.
    I suffered the same fate as far back as 1992 when I first bought a 'racing program' from Queensland.

    My screen name is Puntz and I piss those off who want to sell racing programs at such prices.

    Let me tell you this though, please do not discredit the racing industry just because of a few who take advantage.
    These people has no remorse, they are cowards.

    However, there is a positive to my story because I could see through the scams and searched for a way to make tax free money.
    Here at Punting Ace, most of us were once 'Victims', but that still does not mean you can trust everyone still. Every one has 'something to sell' and this is where I draw my own line, I do help punters if they need anyhting as far as developing their own systems.

    The way to go about the long term haul to break even is the best thing that has ever happened to racing and sports betting for that mater
    It is Betfair, it is a betting exchange.
    I don't know if you ever want to continue with betting, but we here at Punting Ace and not 'gamblers' we take our Trading seriously. But Betfair is what I think in my own opinion will save the day for many who want to pursue a tax free 2nd income.

    If you do choose to go down this path, I can reccomend you things to read before you lose anymore of your money, but please I hope you don't see the entire racing industry is a scam just because of these cowards.
    On my post I do write thet I was at one of their meetings in 2006, I tore their system to pieces and they could not wait for the meeting to end. I don't think they made any sales that day either, but that was just one day.




    April 2007
    Hi Leanne,

    I have read your comments on Trilogics with great interest, as I have also spend a lot of time and effort to get this program to work. Middle of last year I joined forces with a gentleman who had purchased the IGL program about 3 years ago. As he is working full-time, he wanted me to operate the system on a profit-sharing basis. I underwent the IGL training, which was conducted by a very well spoken and intelligent gentleman by the name of Douglas Baradell, who was the company's senior instructor at the time. I have heard that he has left at the end of last year...

    I started operating the system with great enthusiasm, as I was very impressed with the results that were provided, but I soon realized that these results were arrived at with a great deal of hindsight at the best, but were often totally wrong anyway. And my enthusiasm took a nosedive quite early when I saw that this system simply does not work, so I stopped the live betting process.

    Then came the transition to TriLogics and the long break, when the program was not operational, which was scandalous considering the amount of money the program costs. However, I spent many hours every day analyzing the results on the history sheets, when it became operational again also downloading and analyzing the daily results, on the gallops and the greyhounds. I did not touch harness racing, as I simply did not have enough time for it.

    I found that TriLogics is a very good statistical research tool, it is capable of a number of betting modes, and it totally beats me why these people just push Trifecta Betting, where the only successful results they can show is the equivalent of an odds-on win bet. I contacted Douglas on several occasions, asking for information on the other betting modes, greyhound racing and harness racing. Needless to say, I never got a reply. Perhaps Douglas Baradell was not there anymore, but at least someone else should have answered. At the price of this software you would expect to be entitled to some customer service.

    This, and a few other observations, convinced me that the people that are selling the product know more about selling than they know about the product, and that they probably were not involved in producing the system, just in marketing it. Perhaps the system worked initially, because the trifecta pool would not have been divided between so many users. But of course, just selling the software to as many people as possible, has netted them millions already, while the results have dropped below profitability, and must diminish even further with every copy sold.

    Anyway, I am trying to get something going on the greyhounds, win or place betting, the fields are limited which is great, but the price pools are much smaller. I found that you can achieve a very high strike rate, but unfortunately the number of bets goes down, and it is no fun to sit in front of the computer for 4 hours, perhaps to have one bet only. And the profitability would depend greatly on the bet size, where you also have to observe a cut-off point according to a certain bet-to-pool ratio.

    I would really like to hear more about your experience, and I am disgusted about the way they suckered you in. But they have done this to a lot of people, which of course is not much of a consolation...




    To: [email protected]

    Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2007 11:29 AM

    Subject: Re: Intervest Global Live

    Hi Leanne,

    My name is G and I too have been burnt by Intervest Global Live. They still won't give me my money back after losing $3, 000 trading their system. I have been to ASIC and the Queensland Department of Fair Trading but nothing has been done. I have even been to a lawyer but it was going to cost me too much to take them to court.

    All they will do is permit me to sell the program second hand. Even then they are going to charge me $5, 000 to train someone else on the program.

    Well done for having the guts to take them on.

    You must have quite a few people who have contacted you. Maybe we can join together and go to the media or form a class action against the group.

    Let me know.



    It was a Mr Whyatt that phoned me at some stage saying his company was all above board. What CRAP. The unfortunate truth is we will never get our money back. They have it all worked out. If you wish to phone me, you can on

    Regards P

    Leanne Blyth wrote:

    Thanks P

    There are so many people that have come out and have been as frustrated as you and I.

    They really behave quite unprofessionally when people say they are unhappy with the program. They get really nasty and verbally agressive.

    I placed a note on and the MD Mathew Whyatt sent a really nasty note back about me being bitter and twisted and not spending time training.

    I have never met or spoken to the man and so how does he know anything.

    Really crazy stuff I say.
    Never know a MD or a company to spend so much time on internet forum sites, bagging people out.

    They must get a hell of a lot of complaints.

    Take care and thanks for the support.

    Leanne Blyth

    ----- Original Message -----


    To: [email protected]

    Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2007 6:05 PM

    Subject: rosekirk

    I read your story on the rosekirk forum. I was stooged $5500 from rosekirk. I have been in contact with Intervest Global just to see what there system is like. If you read the rosekirk forum I go under the name of SOT. I put my phone number on the forum and have been in contact with some people. When the owner of Intervest Global phone me he said that the actusations I was saying about his company was false. YOU HAVE PROVED I WAS RIGHT. I hope him and Larry Pickering go DOWN.

    Regards P

    This is a link to a horse racing forum.

    You will see intervest staff there arguing with people. Lots of abuse and language.

    Just appalling and very unprofessional.


    ps they do claim a 70% success on races but last year it was running at 54%

    That is a big difference and so you are losing almost as much as winning.


    /URL removed/

    /URL removed/

    /URL removed/

    CTTT Complaints Tribunal

    ACCC complaints

    There are enough complaints around but most people are too embarrassed.

    Some more copy about I/G below


    Leanne Blyth

    'RE: Intervest Global Live'
    In response to message #125


    I tried to claim a refund because I could see that it would take me ages to make back my money. and I was frusterated at only making a small amount each week (around $500 a week averaged out) using their Money Gaps and $150 bets. I found it very hard to wait around for 4 - 5 hours to find one or two bets. I wanted more action. It was harder then being at work, I was frusterated because I couldn't get the $2000 plus a week like they claimed. My bank could never grow because IGL was my source of income so I was taking money out of my bank weekly to live on. I was doing worse then when I was only win betting. But once I combined my Win betting with IGL, things really looked up. Most weeks I only bet with IGL 2 or 3 days a week (Although I have it collecting data every day) and I live very comfy.

    IGL will not give anyone a refund, they will offer to sell your program on your behalf at a reduced price and a comminision so at the end of the sale you will get back less then half of what you paid for it.


    Submitted: 5/10/2007 6:21:12 AM
    Modified: 5/10/2007 7:24:22 AM

    Newport, Kentucky

    Mathew Whyatt's 'Intervest Global' Scam and Ripoff!
    Mr. Matthew Whyatt,

    I have to ask, 'Where did you take lessons on how too ripoff people?'

    First, Warren Buffett, who is a very wealthy man, has a simple rule on investing. He does not invest in companies that he does not understand!

    It is a very simple basic rule of his!

    In your rebuttal you wrote, '...Fantastic Cash Flow Generating Software Program.' Which is an admission that your company is scamming people. You see, you should have said INCREDIBLE Cash Flow Generating Software Program. You should have said OUTSTANDING Cash Flow Generating Software Program. But you didn't. you used 'Fantastic Cash Flow Generating Software Program' and that is a dead giveaway to people in the United States that you are lying!

    You also wrote to the affect that Leanne Blyth is an 'Unhappy Woman.' Well she lost $42, 750 Australian Dollars. I think she has earned the right to be 'Unhappy' and as far as I am concerned she has earned the right to be a little sad!

    Now in all fairness, Leanne Blyth does not have the right to feel 'Embarrassed' because she has nothing to be embarrassed about. that is how companies that are engaged in fraud, scams, and ripoffs want there victims to feel!

    In closing: When it comes to people like you Mr. Whyatt. it is a shame that Australia signed the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights!

    Submitted: 5/13/2007 4:32:09 PM
    Modified: 5/13/2007 7:01:08 PM

    Tauranga, Other
    New Zealand

    Horse Racing Software
    I have not yet lost my shirt or indeed any money but I have been looking closely at three of the software programs available and would welcome any comments on 'Fortune-100' and 'Technology 21' and the 3rd is 'Intervest Global' I can see all the negatives on IGL and I must say I feel for those that have lost their hard earned money.
    I have sat down with people that are using the above three software packages.I would have to say that they all APPEAR to work. They all use the same data & present it in differnt ways. Yes, I believe it is possible to make money & Yes you can lose your shirt. Never forget, no matter how it looks up front, behind that pretty screen there are horses and they do lose.
    Lets have the positives & the negatives

    Submitted: 5/13/2007 8:21:59 PM
    Modified: 5/13/2007 9:19:07 PM

    Euless, Texas

    A home business?
    You said

    'My intention was never to be rich, I was simply looking for a work from home business, something that I could do a few hours a day, around my kids school hours.'

    And you thought a horse racing gambling program would be a great business?

    I have gotten to where it is hard to feel sorry for someone who is so greedy that they think this stuff is a legitimate 'business' opportunity'.

    The software could be great for all I know, but you got it because you are greedy and really believed that you can 'work at home' and make all kinds of money without really working and that just doesn't happen.
    Hide Comment Author Comment from Planet G01/07/09 - 2:46am Author: Planet GLocation: AustraliaHow much more do you need to knopw about this Matt Whyatt fraudster. If any of you guys work for hi, m leave NOW. because we are comin to get him and if a few employees are in the way thay will be seriously hurt too. We now know everything about him including where he lives and where his salespeople live. Say goodnight WHYATT... THE TIME HAS COME FOR YOU!

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  • Ma
    matth33 Jul 01, 2009





    3 TRILOGICS BN19977918 Date Registered : 09 AUGUST 2006






    WHAT A BUNCH OF TOTAL LYING f*************** ###

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