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TrekAmericaVery dangerous tours!

I have a problem with the way TrekAmerica tries to paint this picture that trek groups become like family....they even go as far as to have the tour guides mention this the first day we depart for our trip.

This is VERY dangerous. Strangers don't care about your well being, strangers aren't going to support you when something bad happens, especially if it's a fellow group member who has wronged you who others in the group may already feel a friendship or some sort of false loyalty to. I was assaulted on my trip with Trek America last year, and I in no way blame the company for what happened to me, but I think they should be a little more responsible for how they choose to market these things to people. Bad things happen in this world, and it isn't fair that they try to foster a feeling of kinship amongst strangers, especially when one of those strangers is a woman hating sociopath like the guy who tried to me. When something like this happens to you it puts you in this place where you feel as powerless and vulnerable as a child,add to that being thousands of miles from home, with no authority figure in sight, (the tour guides being the same age as most of the 25) its a very scary place to be in. Trek America should know better.


  • Al
    alan Feb 16, 2009

    I went on a TrekAmerica tour last year and everybody was welcomed, looked after and everyone on the trip looked out for one another when necessary! Whether you get too drunk in Vegas or whatever the 'very dangerous strangers' on your trip are with you for the whole holiday, going to the amazing national parks and visiting cities like San Francisco or Chicago and sightseeing together. Yeah Trek America really forces the family issue here! Did you read the brochure?? And sure the tour guides may be young, but you can be a police officer, fireman or nurse before you're 25 so isn't the age thing irrelevant!

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  • J0
    J0nny Jul 02, 2010

    Totally nor the experience I had. Trek America is a fantastic company that offers a trip of a life time. Trek are an adventure tour company they are not a baby sitting company. If u were assulted then I'd put it down to just one of thoughs thing, wrong place wrong time. U should be responsible for yourself anyway a tour leader is only there to guide u and help u get the most from the trip. If u don't bound with the group then that's not treks fault is it?? You might not get on with every1 on the tour but that's life. Every1 is going with an open mind and going to try the trek experience. I can't speak any more highly of trek America and can just say wat happened to you is horrible but there must be more it, I would recomend trek to anyone.

    Jonny S
    Northern Ireland

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  • Pa
    past tour leader Jan 30, 2014

    As a past tour leader, I agree with the complaint. I would also like to add that driving over 400 miles in a day which the trip leader does, can be very dangerous! There's way too much responsibilities put on one person. It's only a matter a time before some kind of major accident occurs.

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