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Townsville Showgrounds review: Condon letting the place fall apart

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Over the last 4 years the showgrounds in Townsville has not seen any maintenance on buildings, grounds, pathways or even toilets, disability toilets being held locked by a peice of twisted wire. Always filthy and hardly ever working only 2 decent toilet facilities in the whole showgrounds. Pathways uneven, cracked/ lifted pavers. Low areas upto 3 inches of water in them last year 2 food trucks had to use pumps to stop water coming in. Trees not trimmed. Old broken and unused fences, shearing areas and animal pens just rotting away. There has been an old falling apart half crushed caravan just sitting there for over a year now. Only areas of the place that are kept in order are where Christ condon has his stuff the rest of the place is a wreck

Desired outcome: Clean the place up and do some maintenance

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