Total Internet Solutionsdomain hijacking/bait and switching


They baited me with a 90 dollar web hosting plan and then asked if I wanted it searchable by Google as a business plan. The actual cost was more than double what they said in their ad. By holding my websites away from Google unless I gave them more money, it ended up being a ransom paid. On another account, they accused me of sending spam and said they paid a fine on my behalf, which they would provide no evidence of, and proceeded to close my account. All of my websites and emails were yanked without warning and then they tried to extort money from me or else lose my domains forever. I refused and lodged several complaints, one of them being to their registrar they resell for. They are not a registrar and if anyone has a problem with this company hijacking their domains, contact Tucows or whichever registrar they are resellers of. Tucows resolved my complaint by letting me take my domains to a new host. TIS lied, telling me they were gone forever and they had no access to let me take my domains to a new host. Total Internet Solutions did nothing to resolve this matter, and I ended up going over their heads to get a resolution. Due to these tactics of TIS, extortion and bait and switching, I would advise everyone to steer clear of this company.


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    4one4all Oct 17, 2012

    This is a reincarnation of a web-hosting business that both scammed and robbed many people. It has a new name but the rest is the same. For more information, please contact or our new web site, www. Help us put an end to this crime spree.

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