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Total Care Agency Pte Ltd review: Terrible Scam wit Maids

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Please be wary of this agency run by Ms Savin. Her maids are of a terrible quality and they have all been advised how to runaway if they are not happy. We had one maid for a week and she ran away because she said we would not let her use her phone (we allowed her to use it after hours as she was on it all day).
The scam is the maid comes to you place if they don't like you they go back to agent and then agent calls you telling maid is in hysterics and can't work with you anymore and want to go to MOM to complain about you. So you say ok and let her transfer so agent gets more fees quicker than if maid just stayed with you.

If you get a maid like this cancel their work permit straight away and have them sent back to home country asap, they are nothing but trouble.

In summary

Terrible service
Terrible maids
Terrible support of employer