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Tonys Autoelectric and AC

Tonys Autoelectric and AC review: Auto repair

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This guy is a real big talker. But after 18 months and $23,600 spent for a simple valve job for my 1995 Volkswagen Rialta (5 cy gas), he still hasn't finished the job. Then he withdrew $1860 on my credit card for miscellaneous "parts" but could not produce a list of what parts he purchased. Finally, when I contested the $1860 taken from my card, he immediately billed me extra $5,000 as a punitive measure. And he wants an extra $1,900 just to get back to work on it. I believe he is extorting money from me and does not intend to ever put it back together. During this same time, I purchased a Dodge Class B camper which needed a valve job as well. I and took it to Budget Auto Repair on Oracle for a valve job and all belts and hoses. The cost was just under $3,800 total. I know that Volkswagen parts cost more but something is very wrong here. I realize now that he has made a complete fool of me. I need help on how to make him accountable..

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