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According to their website, Total Car Diagnostics will provide you with a download of their OBD scanner software after you pay for it. That way you do not have to wait for the shipment to arrive if you already own your own ELM327 interface. "The world's most powerful, complete and comprehensive OBD/ECU diagnosis and remapping software package can be yours in the next 5 minutes by placing your order right now", It proudly states. After you pay your money, they tell you that you will need to request a registration key by sending them your install code that you were given after you downloaded the software. At this point, they break the news that this process could take up to 48 hours I believe, it might even have been longer. What happened to 5 minutes? So I did, and now it has been over 5 days and no key. The only communication that I have received from Alex, was an email directing me to the installation instruction page that I copied and pasted into an email to show him where I was in the installation process. He had not read the email and just sent a robotic response. It was of no more value than the automated responses that I received every time I contacted him. He directed me to do exactly what I told him I had already done. Customer service of this caliber is unacceptable in any circumstance. Unfortunately, my family was really counting on TOAD doing what they had promised. It has been over 10 years since we have been on vacation. We had been saving and planning for years to get to spend some time together and it was finally here. Then, the day before we were to leave, the car started acting up. No big deal, at least it did not happen on the road. That would have been a disaster financially. I went to get my scanner and realized that someone had borrowed it and I could not remember who. I had been wanting to buy TOAD for a long time but could not afford it. I read everything that I could on their website and it looked like it was problem solved. Not wanting to let my wife and daughter down, I spent the money and bought the software. I had no idea that they would treat us as they have. I only wanted Alex to do what the website said they would do. There is another link available that says, "click here to connect to your car in the next 5 minutes". Not even close. I was finally able to borrow another scanner from a friend that was 85 miles away, the crankshaft position sensor was screwed up. The car is running again as of a couple of hours ago. It is 3:30 in the afternoon, our vacation ends tomorrow. Thanks Alex, what a guy.


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      May 07, 2015

    Yeah I have had a similar experience after purchasing this product, Alex Eisenburg ( Total Car Diagnostics) sells pirated software.
    I contacted the original creators of some of the major programs and they where happy to confirm that for me. So basically its a big scam!!!

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      Jul 13, 2015

    While just about every product in the world will always have one half saying it's a scam, and another half saying it's one of the best investments they made... I'm the later half. Used this on all my cars so far. Have a reoccurring fault code on my Insignia that kills the car. Wouldn't be able to move without TOAD. I've also been getting support from Total Car Diagnostics since 2011. They have been consistent (sometimes slow, sometimes fast). While dozens of other car companies are virtually non-existent in 2015. In my experience, I have total trust in them.

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      Jul 13, 2015

    I was a tech on BMW, Rover, Audi, for several years. I have been looking for a product this simple for years, but it finally came to me. I was skeptical at the results due to the price of the software. When I downloaded and installed the software, I was shocked to be able to read my DTC's and then be able to monitor for sensors in real time simultaneously. Let alone get tons more data then any scan tool I've used in my 10 year mechanic career. I have also used it on several different vehicle makes, and get some surprising capabilities only found in ultra high-end manufacturer OBD readers. You can't believe how pleased I am. I may buy another just to have for a different laptop in case one laptop goes down.

    They shipped TOAD LITE, instead of PRO. So I had to wait another 7 days for whole drama to resolve itself. Otherwise, actual product is top notch.

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      Jul 26, 2015

    I have been a technician for the last 35 years. The last 15 years I have worked as a certified tech for FoMoCo. A tech I work with had one of these primarily to clear codes & read codes on other makes of vehicles besides Ford. TOAD works for what I bought it for, I suppose there were a few times it didn't want to read codes on some vehicles cant remember which ones.

    The main thing here for me is I don't have to break out are shop scanner ID the vehicle read the codes & finally clear them. This scanner hooks up hit enter scroll to erase answer yes hit enter done. Another feature this scanner has for certified emission techs like myself is the OBDII monitor readiness which tells you if the particular monitor is ready for testing or not.

    I leave the scanner hooked up to the vehicle perform a OBDII drive cycle & just keep hitting rescan until all monitors read ready for testing, very nice feature for the money. I cant say much for the DTC library that came with it besides it works for Generic OBDII codes. The manufacture specific part of it is hit & miss, that's what Google is for people. In conclusion for what I use it for for, the money I paid & the money this scanner has made me for saving me time(I am a flat rate tech) I give and TOAD OBD a solid 5 out of 5.

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      Nov 01, 2015

    All you guys just got scammed the program is scanmaster v2.1 you can download it anywhere and comes with a simple hack and you can buy a elm327 for 10 bucks on ebay so 10 bucks free software hmm better than the 77 or 89 bucks that's better than giving @$!#off Alex any money and also the ecu software he's pirating is ecu2001
    Alex is a low life who takes people's money from other company's hard work nice job buddy

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      Nov 17, 2015

    Sorry to inform the buyers of this product but after I received it I then did my due diligence and discovered it is pirated software with a junk elm 327 v1.4 interface. The software is good except it is from the maker of Scanmaster- elm and OBDLink SX . I discovered it too late as I already purchased the Total OBD & ECU product. I asked for a refund, listed on their web page they offer a 100% refund if you email them except they demanded I ship the junk interface back to Australia for $40.00 with tracking number when they shipped it to me from inside the USA. You will not receive updates to this software as I have emailed the company who has the property rights as they informed me it is pirated and no updates will be supplied. I have purchased ScanTool 425801 OBDLink SX USB: OBD Adapter/Diagnostic Scanner for Windows from Amazon. the OBDLink SX software is a free download with the purchase price but the Scanmaster elm software will cost more . Alex will call foul if you do ask for a refund claiming he is the victim

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      Jun 30, 2016

    I purchased a car scanner online from for the sum of $177.00. The scanner software was downloadable from the internet instantly and I had to wait for the actual physical scanner to be shipped to me. After I receive the item, I was able to successfully configure/connect the scanner to my 2008 Mercedes Benz S550 and viewed the trouble codes. I then tried to clear the codes using the scanner, but unable to do so; which is a very sample task that most cheap generic scanners on the market that cost less than $30.00 can perform. I also tried it on my wife’s 2006 Range Rover that has some known trouble codes that needed to be cleared. I was able to view the trouble codes, but unable to delete the codes as well.
    I contacted the company, opened a ticket explaining the issue and requested a refund. I received a reply from Alex E. 2 days later and he simply stated that I don’t know what I’m doing, then closed the ticket with the issue unsolved. I have the feeling that he just want to keep my money and ignore my complaints, since I’m on the other side of the globe and will not be able to track him down. I’m an IT engineer and well versed repairing my foreign cars. So, working with a scanner is a breeze to me. So, for those of you that choose to buy from this company, you should think twice and keep away, since Alex E. the owner is a complete scammer that will sell you a non-working product, then keep your money.

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      Nov 04, 2016

    this guy alex is a ###. he will not help and the software is crap. he pays people to go on line and post good stuff about his program. how do i know cause he offered me money to post a great post about his product. stay away from him he is ###.

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      Nov 16, 2016

    I was looking for a genuine ELM327 Adapter. They charge almost triple for theirs claiming it is better than the clones on the market (eBay, Amazon). They go on to say that others have a cheap only partially supported OBD2. I asked to see a picture of their circuit board and "Alex" never replied. He has not replied to numerous contact attempts and seems to have skirted the issue altogether. Stay away from this Scam Artist and go with a reputable brand.

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      Dec 23, 2016

    ^^^ I'm not sure of the identity of those here that claim that the Total Car Diagnostics (TCD) device is worth buying Given TCD's complete lack of business scruples - I suspect that these reviewers are connected with the business in some way.
    However, the real issue here is not whether TCD's clone cable is worth the expenditure -but rather, the REAL question is what sort of morality do these buyers have in knowingly participating in IP fraud. It's easy for these buyers to argue that they are somehow removed from the theft that is implicit in these clones - it's also easy for buyers to conveniently argue that it's Ross-Tech's fault for pricing the legitimate device at a higher cost. But these are self-serving and self-deluding arguments for base-level greed! Yes, strong words, but I can't abide folk who conveniently side-step the real issues where IP theft is concerned.
    Fact is that Ross-Tech has built-up a quality business over many years - it's this reputation that manufacturers and sellers (like TCD) of clone cables exploit. The ONLY reason why the disreputable fake cable industry persists is because of the type of buyers that espouse the nonsense written above.
    I wonder how many of those that write this sort of drivel would feel if the results of their hard work was thieved by another and sold at a price that didn't pay-back the original development costs. I'm sure these authors would think quite differently if it was their IP that was stolen!
    To those who have promoted dealing with TCD, I say: wake up to yourselves and get a conscience! The sooner buyers stop promoting this disreputable industry - the better it will be for those who actually invest in research-and-development!

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      Mar 16, 2017

    Thanks Don, is Alex your brother?

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      Mar 30, 2017

    alex is a ####

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      Dec 21, 2017

    Bought elm327 wifi scanner and it doesn't do anything at all. Nothing. Customer support number doesn't even work. Total piece of crap.

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      Mar 13, 2018


    I purchased a diagnostic cable from them, it was a fake product that didn't work, and the software they sent me to use with it was a pirated version of Rosstech VCDS. They said they would refund after I send it back. I spent $36 to ship it to Australia and they still will not refund. They are thieves, and they lie on their website, and pretend they have a multi national presence. Then you are forced so spend excessive money to ship it back. You will be lucky if you ever get a refund. I highly recommend you do NOT fall prey to their scams.

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      Sep 15, 2018

    I'm in the automotive business and that software of 1.5 MB It's not good for me or anyone. I repeat 1.5 MB.

    This ProScan TOADLite for 45 dollars, is a scam. The weight the only little more than 1 MB say it all, I need a refund but they don't answer to me

    They Should be cleared in the ad.
    Thanks. Jaime Monarrez

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      Sep 17, 2018

    This was his answer------

    So all you’re looking for is that software is a more impressive 300MB? Would that make a difference?

    I could compile it into 300MB making you falsely believe it’s “more professional”, knowing OBD app can be made in 300KB.

    What’s the real issue? (Forget about the size, this isn’t a software with fancy graphics which take up 99% of OBD’s size).

    Thank you,

    Alex E.
    Sydney Car Mechanic and Engineer

    " knowing OBD app can be made in 300KB." CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

    Jaime Monarrez

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      Jan 17, 2020

    how do i get my scanner to work

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