TJ Concrete & LandscapngFailed to honor contract & refused to return my money


The Alleged owner Toutali T. Asikia (not sure if this is his government name) entered into a written contract with me to "START" and "COMPLETE" work. This was "OVER" two months ago at which time he signed a receipt stating he had received a deposit in the amount of $3, 000.00! This person in my opinion seems to be using the name TJ Concrete & Landscaping as a front for a "SCAM". I have been in contact with others that he has done this to also. I am completing this "consumer complaint" form to assist in making sure he doesn't continue to "take money" that doesn't belong to him from people who "WORK" for their money! People that still "TRUST" in hiring contractors that present themselves as "hard working and honest". Contractors trying to make a "HONEST" living for their families and at the same time "HONOR" & "DELIVER" as promised on a written contract.


  • Dr
    Driving-on-Dirt Aug 31, 2012

    His real name is Toutalli or Tali Esekia. He has a (personal)facebook page.

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  • Go
    Gokul123 Oct 16, 2013

    I wish I had seen this before hiring TJ. He has cheated me and my 3 neighbors in Dublin. Between the e four of us, he has taken 30k and disappeared . He even left his old truck here And cops finally towed the trucks. He has a gold tooth, owns a pick up truck and comes with his brother and brother in law. He goes by name TJ, AtJ Asekia, TJ Esekia.
    He is a fraud and is known to tell stories that he has 8 kids, his son is new born and has a disease.
    He will come, sweet talk, pour some concrete, tell story and run away with money.

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  • Su
    Sud_1 Jul 08, 2014

    I'm finding this too late as well. Hired TJ for my backyard work about 8 weeks ago. First I was very cautious and would go with him to buy materials etc.. He did some work (~30%) and earned trust.. and once I gave him money to go get materials etc by himself... he vanished and has been giving similar reasons as mentioned in post above. We are in Dublin, CA. He is now doing business with same personal name, but company name is Aloha Construction.

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  • Kd
    KD999 Jul 10, 2014

    We had a similar experience with TJ where he took our money and never showed up to do the work. We paid him 2K to buy supplies, but he never showed up. We too are in Dublin, CA. Is there any action we can take against him, perhaps get together and take action.

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  • Su
    Sud_1 Dec 07, 2015

    Same experience. Bunch of the victims got together (like myself) and filed a fraud complaint by establishing a pattern of fraudulent behavior. This way police would not treat this as 1:1 contract issues that they don't have jurisdiction over. You can find that report from Dublin Police and submit your details.

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